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Flashing “floaters” before the eyes is not some kind of optical illusion, but a sign of overwork or even a real symptom of a serious illness, such as glaucoma. This was stated on the website lenta.ru ophthalmologist Anastasia Golovina.

“This symptom cannot be ignored,” Golovina emphasized.

Symptoms of what diseases can be “floaters” before the eyes?

“Floaters” before the eyes, as well as a feeling of pain and heaviness in the eyes, painful sensations when blinking, blurred images, colored spots and circles in bright light indicate symptoms of glaucoma.

“Patients may not know that they have glaucoma, for example. This disease is characterized by periodic increases in intraocular pressure, which reduces visual acuity and causes visual field defects. The absence of obvious symptoms in the initial stages complicates early diagnosis,” the doctor said.

Another common disease accompanied by the appearance of black spots is cataracts, Golovina added.

“It occurs due to clouding of the lens. Most often, people of mature age suffer from cataracts, but there are cases of congenital, diabetic or post-traumatic disease,” said the ophthalmologist.

Why do “goosebumps” appear before my eyes?

“Goosebumps”, flashes or spots before the eyes are a consequence of the destruction of the vitreous humor inside the eye. Damage to the clear, jelly-like tissue that fills the eyeball between the pupil (the front of the eye) and the retina (the back of the eye) results in distorted vision. As a rule, destruction of the vitreous body develops with age, as well as against the background of injuries (for example, a concussion), diseases (diabetes mellitus) and other factors. The reasons for the appearance of “flies” include:

  • age-related destruction;
  • traumatic;
  • inflammatory;
  • medicinal;
  • pathological (related to diseases).

Doctors note that under natural conditions, eye aging occurs slowly, but with the same injuries, symptoms appear faster. “Floaters” are nothing more than shadows that are cast on the retina by scars and damage inside the vitreous.

How can you get rid of “floaters” before your eyes?

Ophthalmologist Golovina recommends being more careful about your vision and following simple rules:

  • do not work on the computer for a long time;
  • do not read in the dark, but in good lighting;
  • keep a book or notebook away from your eyes;
  • be sure to take a break for eye exercises;
  • eat right and take vitamins;
  • visit an ophthalmologist at least once a year;
  • If you begin to see “goosebumps” before your eyes more often, do not put off going to a specialist.

The doctor also emphasized that most eye diseases can be treated at an early stage. If the moment is missed, then non-invasive treatment methods may no longer be effective, Golovina noted.

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