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The media is discussing the decision of the Supreme Court, which allegedly banned ultrasound without a referral from a doctor.

The patient came to a private clinic with a request to do an ultrasound. However, she was refused due to the lack of a written referral from a doctor. And she filed a lawsuit, emphasizing that going for a referral would take her time, and referral to a specific place limits her rights to choose a medical institution. The court considered that the requirements for an ultrasound scan do not limit the patient’s rights, but “the decision on the possibility of an ultrasound scan is made by the ultrasound doctor, taking into account the validity of the referral, the presence of medical indications for an ultrasound examination and the risk of complications.”

What do doctors think about it?

“Most likely, the court’s decision was incorrectly interpreted,” aif.ru explained. Chairman of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists, Professor Pavel Vorobyov. – The Supreme Court cannot interfere in the medical and diagnostic process. The conclusion of the court is relevant to a specific case, and not in general to what happens in practice.

According to the doctor, in any case, there is no problem here. If a particular doctor refuses to give a referral for research, you can always go to another doctor or to another medical organization.

In paid clinics, as a rule, any procedures are performed. There would be money. Moreover, ultrasound can also be performed prophylactically, without the presence of symptoms of the disease, for example, this is done during medical examination. At the same time, preventive ultrasound is also done as prescribed by the doctor as part of the medical examination. But in this case, the examination is carried out without taking into account the presence of direct medical indications. Only taking into account the fact that it is included in the medical examination.

Source: aif.ru

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