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Internet users send each other messages with a warning: poisonous wire is found in imported paracetamol tablets. To confirm their fears, the authors of the publications attach to the text an image of this tablet and a photo of the packaging. Aif.ru, together with Noodles Media, a resource for exposing false information, became convinced that such messages cannot be trusted.

What is known about the dangers of foreign paracetamol?

Warnings about foreign-made drugs appeared several years ago – in 2017-2018. The text about the wire in the same version as now was distributed in instant messengers back in 2015. It was also reported that one of the substances in the drug will kill a person in seven days. At that time, Roszdravnadzor reported that the drug in question was not registered in Russia, and that no cases of death were recorded when the therapeutic dosage was observed. You need to pay attention to the text itself – it is written with errors, the words do not agree. There is a feeling that the text was translated through an online service from a foreign language. There are references online that the original source is a fake message in an Asian language.



Source: aif.ru

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