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In Ancient Greek halos means salt: haotherapy, an ancient healing practice, is now considered in many countries a health treatment capable of counteracting discomfort and disturbances especially in the respiratory tractbut also rheumatic pains. A simple, cheap and affordable remedy for everyone: apply a small bag of hot salt it can be quite beneficial if used to relieve common cold symptoms, cervical and lombard pain, but also in case of headaches, menstrual pain and inflammation. A natural remedy useful for all ages.

Benefits of Hot Salt


Applying hot salt on the neck and joints, but also on the abdomen or back, is beneficial as salt is considered a powerful natural pain reliever. Thanks to the ability to activate its trace elements at the epidermal level, absorbed through the skin, it is able to perform a fast and effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Furthermore, the mineral content of the salt enhances this action. Just think of calcium, useful for strengthening the immune system and bones; magnesium with a relaxing effect on contracted muscles and copper which improves circulation. Not only that, salt boasts a hygroscopic power, that is, it absorbs excess liquids. And it is indicated for those with dermatological problems, precisely because of its anti-inflammatory action on the skin. Therefore it is beneficial for the treatment of: psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and skin irritations.

The use of coarse salt for therapeutic purposes is beneficial for relievinginflammation of muscles and joints, alleviate neck pain and relieve stiff neck. Not only that: it reduces the symptoms of sinusitis and asthma; performs an action mucolytic in case of a cold, it frees the airways, and soothes a sore throat. Strengthens the immune system and menstrual pain. It has been demonstrated how being relaxed in a salt room (often present in wellness centers where the walls are covered with pink salt), helps improves mood and reduces accumulated stress.

Better to use sea salt

The salt that is commonly found on the market can to be of marine origin (sea salt)i.e. produced through the evaporation of salt water, or halite, i.e. a salt landi.e. obtained from deposits. Depending on the composition of the water or soil, it may contain mineral salts of different types and quantities.

The marine one can be integral, it is not refined, and it is the one that is more complete on a mineral level (and more beneficial and effective for the body). This is obviously due to the wealth of minerals other than sodium, such as iodine, copper, zinc and bromine. Integral is better because just think that with the industrial refining process it is chemically cleaned with sodium chloride, for about 95%, the essential minerals and trace elements are destroyed.

Curiosity: the black salt of Cirpo is obtained with the addition of activated charcoal, and for this reason it is beneficial for absorbing intestinal gas and relieving abdominal pain.

Directions for use

Salt, better if integral, should be heated before being applied. In this way its beneficial action will be enhanced.
Wholemeal or Himalayan, it is placed in a pan over very low heat, or in the microwave, and when it has begun to crackle, it is transferred to a cotton bag (which in turn can be conveniently transferred to a sock). It closes with a knot, so that the salt cannot escape, and is placed on the painful and inflamed area. The heat is released gradually, and the pain is relieved within minutes. A practical, fast and very cheap remedy.

How to prepare and shutter speed

To have a truly effective remedy it is necessary to use excellent quality salt, such as whole sea salt or Himalayan salt. It is important that the salt is completely natural and untreated, because it is richer in minerals which, thanks to the heat, are able to penetrate the skin and absorb excess humidity and liquids.

Apply thewarm salt compress on the area affected by pain, being careful not to burn yourself (wait a few minutes if the salt is too hot). The processing time is approximately 15-20 minutes, or until the salt returns to room temperature. The treatment, which has no particular contraindications, can be repeated every day, reusing the same salt, therefore also anti-waste.


The application of hot salt has no particular contraindications, however it is useful to consult your doctor in case of:

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