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Sales of CBD products are increasing, highlighting “well-being” virtues. But scientifically, nothing has been proven about the possible therapeutic effects of cannabidiol.

An article to be found in the Magazine of theInserm n°56

On every street corner, CBD shops are popping up. Dedicated shelves are springing up in supermarkets and the Internet is not left out. If we trust the labels, cannabidiol does everything or almost: “pain reduction”, “anti-stress”, “anti-fatigue”, “stimulant”… What should we think of it? For now, science remains cautious. Clinical trials are lacking to confirm any therapeutic effects of CBD on anxiety, sleep or otherwise, or involve only too small cohorts of patients to be representative. ” CBD is not a patentable product as such, so few clinical trials are funded », indicates Tangui Barré, from the Economic and Social Sciences of Health and Medical Information Processing laboratory (Sesstim) in Marseille. Some avenues are still being researched, such as using CBD against addictions.

Substitute THC with CBD?

In mice, a meta-analysis carried out in 2019