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Many social media users pay attention to the unhealthy appearance of the President of Ukraine. What can they say from the outside? Vladimir Zelensky doctors? Why does he give the impression of a sick person and why is he sick?

When Vladimir Zelensky is shown, the swollen face, bags under the eyes, the wrinkled appearance in an evergreen sweatshirt or T-shirt are striking. The fact that Zelensky looks like a sick person, even Western journalists began to talk more and more often. Their conclusions are confirmed by Russian experts.

“I would say that he has inappropriate behavior,” he shared with aif.ru Chairman of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists, Professor Pavel Vorobyov. – Yes, the appearance of a clearly very tired and constantly sleepy person. But it is not very clear what he is so prohibitively busy with, if this is a consequence of only lack of sleep and stress. I think it may be the result of taking some stimulants.”

According to the expert, experts who are intimately familiar with the situations of using various psychoactive substances confirm that this is just such a case. “Look, he itches periodically. And when a person constantly scratches, this is a very characteristic sign, ”the professor notes.

In favor of the assumption of a behavioral disorder, an unusual condition caused by taking stimulants, is also the fact that Zelensky behaves inappropriately. “He has the behavior of a person under the influence of stimulants. When he came to Kherson and they showed him near the flooded streets, it was clear that he simply stood and silently looked at it. Sometimes he uttered some two words, accompanied by characteristic gestures. In a word, inappropriate behavior. Because usually, after all, bosses of this level, when they come to the scene, make some strict instructions, organize work, develop vigorous activity (or at least its appearance). And here he looks at all this almost indifferently, ”the expert concludes.

Source: aif.ru

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