Understand the importance of taking care of men’s mental health in fatherhood

Fatherhood can be one of the most wonderful experiences in a man’s life. On the other hand, the first months and years of the child’s life, mainly, can bring a series of challenges, such as falta de sonochanges in routine, in addition to the enormous responsibility of raising a baby, factors that can generate stress and emotional problems.

For the baby to be well, it is essential that the parents are also well and that includes mental health. You need to pay close attention to the warning signs that your body and mind give. Thinking about the relevance of this topic and in honor of Father’s Day, celebrated in August, Care for Life invited the psychiatrist José Napoleão Cavalcante to talk about the importance of the topic. The doctor indicated some care that parents can adopt to keep the mind healthy. Check it out!

Doubts about raising a child are challenges in parenthood


Being a father is very good. Following the development of a child very closely is an incomparable experience. On the other hand, parenthood also comes with a lot of challenges. The Doctor. Napoleão tells the main obstacles of this phase: “Uncertainties and insecurities, especially for those who are becoming parents for the first time or who have a smaller support network, doubts about the best way of raising children, division of tasks, future bonds, financial issues … all of which can help cause anxiety episodes in a man’s life.”

Common signs of mental health problems in parenting


A man who is not coping with the challenges and stresses of fatherhood can develop mental health issues. “Possible symptoms are racing thoughts, excessive worries, irritability, difficulty relaxing, insomnia or unrefreshing sleep. It is important to emphasize that the existence of these characteristics does not necessarily indicate a psychiatric disorder, after all, feeling anxious can be normal. The possibility of disorder is considered mainly when the symptoms are disproportionate to the related events”, emphasized the psychiatrist.

That is, it’s okay to be worried or feel pressured by the problems involved in parenting, but that can’t get in the way of your well-being. If this is the case, it is important to seek medical help for an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, start treatment to avoid an intensification of symptoms and emotional complications, such as:

– Depression: men with depression may experience sadness, discouragement, loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy, changes in appetite and sleep, difficulty concentrating and relationship problems.

– Anxiety: who has an anxiety disorder anxiety you may experience excessive fear, nervousness, worry, tension, irritability, and difficulty relaxing.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): can cause flashbacks, nightmares, negative thoughts and feelings about the traumatic event, and avoid situations that refer to the trauma.

The father’s mental health can impact the child’s well-being


The father’s mental health has a significant impact on the child’s quality of life and on family relationships as a whole. Mentally healthy parents are more attentive, loving and responsive to their children, creating a safe and stable home environment. On the other hand, when parents are experiencing emotional problems, they may find it difficult to care for their children.

doctor Napoleão goes deeper into the subject: “Mental illness can lead to impaired child care and this can end up reflecting a greater likelihood of psychiatric conditions in other people in the family. A depressive condition can remove the father-child affection. A father who, by not knowing how to deal with stressful events, may end up taking his anguish out on the use of psychoactive substances, such as alcohol, leading to the possibility of negligence or even violence”. To protect your child and your entire family from these problems, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible!

How to maintain your mental health during parenthood?


There are a number of things men can do to maintain good mental health during parenthood. The specialist makes some recommendations: “It is very important to adopt postures that reduce the risk of mental disorders, such as psychotherapy, physical activity, leisure activities and appropriate routine. Readings on fatherhood can be useful to provide greater security on how to prepare and deal with new challenges”.

Remember that by taking care of your mental health, you can create a healthier and happier home environment for your children!

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