They won’t be left without pills. Hypertensive patients will find a replacement for the missing medicine | Healthcare | Society

The media reported that the German manufacturer of the drug for blood pressure and heart failure, Mikardis, stopped supplying the original drug to Russia in January 2023, as a result of which “there was a shortage of it in pharmacies.” Roszdravnadzor stated that there are enough domestically produced analogues in the Russian Federation.

The active ingredient of the drug is telmisartan. According to Roszdravnadzor, in 2023, about 3.5 million packages of drugs with telmisartan in various dosages, both Russian and foreign, were introduced into civilian circulation.

“There are a lot of sartans in the country,” confirmed Chairman of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists, Professor Pavel Vorobyov. – There is nothing critical with them. They are also produced in Russia. If this doesn’t exist, there will be something else.”

According to the professor, most often drugs that were not sold for one reason or another go out of circulation. Primarily because they were poorly promoted. “And now they present this to us as if something terrible happened,” says Vorobyov. — Boehringer Ingelheim (German manufacturer of the drug – editor’s note) gradually removed many drugs from our country, because it is not very active here. Most likely, this is a story related to competition. No pharmaceutical manufacturer will agree to lose profits if the drug sells well.”

So for those who have taken the original German drug, it will probably not be difficult to find an analogue after consulting a doctor.


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