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This year, at the Biotechmed forum, innovative developments were presented that help doctors cope with new challenges, and patients return to normal life after injuries and injuries. The Olympic champion, among other guests of the forum, appreciated the new products Roman Kostomarov.

Implant that restores vision

The development can restore vision to completely blind people. The equipment has already been successfully tested on blind monkeys, and in 2025 it is planned to be tested on humans.

The ELVIS system affects various areas of the brain, causing sensory sensations in a person. A visual neuroimplant allows you to “connect” cameras to the brain and transmit images to it directly, without the help of your eyes.

The system is not just a domestic development. All its important components are also produced in Russia.

A bionic prosthesis that eliminates phantom pain and allows you to recognize objects by touch

Thanks to neurofaces (electrodes) that are implanted into peripheral nerves, a person can not only control prostheses with the power of thought (a person thinks what movement needs to be made – and the prosthesis carries out the command), but also restore the sensitivity of lost limbs.

By touching objects with the fingertips of the prosthesis, the user can feel its size and consistency (for example, whether it is soft or hard).

The development also helps to get rid of phantom pain (pain in the amputated part of the body). One of the experiment participants, thanks to the prosthesis, was able to get rid of the painful sensation of being squeezed in a phantom hand for the first time.

Robotic arm orthosis

A new orthopedic device helps people recover after serious injuries and restore motor functions after a stroke, and also makes life easier for people with cerebral palsy.

The arm brace can be used as a training device. Thanks to its compact design, you can train not only in the hospital, but also at home. There are no analogues of such a product in Russia.

Suitcase for protection against viruses and bacteria in field hospitals

The development completely disinfects the air, removing all types of viruses, bacteria and mold spores from it. Its compact size, impact-resistant body and low weight (only 7 kg) allow the Tiocraft to be used in field hospitals.

Synthetic blood vessel prostheses

The need for small diameter vessels, which are used to replace small arteries, is enormous. Today, donor veins, prostheses made from animal vessels, and grafts made from synthetic polymeric materials are used for this purpose, which have serious drawbacks, the main one being problems with compatibility (for implants of natural origin) and the formation of stenoses (for artificial ones).

The peculiarity of the new product is that the properties of endoprostheses are practically no different from natural ones, while they are treated with a special biological composition and additional coating, which provide increased resistance to the formation of blood clots. At the moment, there are no endoprostheses with similar processing in the world.

Portable ventilator

A new product created by engineers of the Ural Optical-Mechanical Plant named after. E. S. Yalamova, provides long-term respiratory support (forced supply of a gas mixture into the lungs) and the necessary therapy for patients who need to maintain breathing.

The device can be used both in a hospital and when transporting patients, as well as at home. The appearance of the drug is as close as possible to household appliances, which ensures psychological comfort for the patient.

Drug for the treatment of immunodeficiencies

The first Russian intravenous human immunoglobulin in the form of a 10% solution. The mechanism of action is similar to the action of vaccines – it also uses the protective properties of antibodies that neutralize pathogenic cells and viruses. However, vaccinations force the body to produce antibodies on its own, and immunoglobulins contain them in ready-made form. The key feature of the new drug production technology is the addition of several stages to the production process, which increase the degree of purification, the viral safety of the finished forms and minimize the risk for patients. Such drugs are crucial for improving the quality of life of patients with immunodeficiencies. Their main difference is that high concentration allows one to achieve optimal results in therapy with smaller volumes of administered drug and in less time. This is extremely important in pediatric practice, treatment of pregnant women, patients with cardiovascular diseases and renal pathology. Around the world, similar drugs are used in the treatment of congenital and acquired immunodeficiencies, for example, for HIV infection, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Kawasaki disease, for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. The drug can also be used in organ transplantation.

Biogam is produced in Russia using a full cycle.


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