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The Mediterranean diet is twice as protective against type 2 diabetes as previously thought. This was proved by a group of European scientists.

They published their study in the independent, authoritative scientific journal PLOS Medicine.

Science on trust

Volumes have been written about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and it is generally accepted that it is the best of all mass nutrition programs. Among other things, it prevented the onset of type 2 diabetes. True, studies have found that the risk of its development decreased moderately – by about 10%. The new data more than doubles that figure to 21%.

How is this possible? It’s all about scientific research. Prior to this, a method based on “trust” was used. Large groups of people filled out detailed nutrition questionnaires, and then they were observed for many years and watched as they developed diseases, including diabetes. The weak point of this approach is the lack of an objective assessment of how people really eat, whether they embellish their eating habits. And it seems that this factor really affects the results. And many, perhaps, lie without intent, not realizing that the Mediterranean diet is not pasta and pizza. Aif.ru has already written about the essence of such nutrition and how to adapt it to our Russian conditions.

Is there any truth in the words?

Under the direction of Yakub Sobetsky From the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Cambridge, scientists have developed a method to objectively assess how strictly people adhere to the Mediterranean diet, and whether they follow it at all. They began to rely not on words, but on the assessment of biomarkers that rise in the blood with such nutrition. They tested 5 different carotenoids and 24 fatty acids. All of them are typical of the products included in the Mediterranean diet.

First, scientists tested their method on 128 volunteers and found that it works and really reflects how strictly people follow a diet.

And then they took from a large pan-European study studying the relationship of nutrition with morbidity, a group of 22,202 people. They were followed for about 10 years, and 9,453 developed diabetes during this time. All were tested for biomarkers indicating adherence to the Mediterranean diet. And it turned out that some participants really overestimated the correctness of their diet – their diet was far from Mediterranean. But those who followed it in reality, and not in words, were better protected from diabetes. But even trying to eat Mediterranean was beneficial, the risk of illness was reduced, but somewhat less.

Source: aif.ru

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