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On the air of the program “Live healthy!” Elena Malysheva and cardiologist German Handelman told what misfortunes lie in wait for lovers to tinker in the garden. And why the main danger threatens the heart and blood vessels.

One of the main problems in the heat in the country are blood clots. “It is known that the risk of thrombotic complications or thrombosis of veins and arteries increases during the summer months. The peak is in the hottest July,” warned Dr. Gandelman. Blood is made up of two parts. The first is the formed elements of blood, the second is its liquid part. When the ratio is normal, the blood flows as it should. But…

The first problem is not enough water.

In the summer heat, some summer residents suffer from dehydration in their area. “It bakes in the heat, you want to drink, the person sweats. In the country, liquid is also lost during work. She also leaves the bloodstream. A blood clot is formed, ”the cardiologist explained.

“Clots are bombs. If a blood clot in the heart is a heart attack, if a blood clot in the brain is a stroke. And if a blood clot in the leg is a thrombosis of the veins of the lower limb, ”added Malysheva.

A blood clot is formed from dehydration, which is inevitable in summer. In addition, he is still at risk of breaking away. “Goes to the heart and goes to the lungs. It turns off part of the lung from gas exchange, and if the clot is large, the person dies on the spot. It is called pulmonary embolism, ”said Gandelman.

When a person works in the country, there should always be a bottle of water near him. And drink often. If the water is from a source, it must first be boiled to eliminate the risk of hepatitis A infection or food poisoning.

The second problem is not the green

Working in the garden is associated with the first greens and healthy vitamin salads. And here again lies the danger to heart patients taking blood thinners. Many types of greens contain vitamin K, which is an antagonist to anticoagulants. If people are taking blood thinners due to a tendency to clot or for other reasons, they should know which greens contain vitamin K, which clots the blood.

“Parsley has 20 DVs of vitamin K, spinach has 6 DVs, and basil has 5 DVs. But in dill it is practically absent, ”Gandelman explained. So you have to be careful with salads.

The third problem is the wrong posture

Working on the beds in an incline or deep squat is not worth it. After all, a large load is on the spine. When a person pulls something from a sitting position, he risks that the weight of what he lifts increases by 5-10 times.

In addition, the squatting position leads to posterior vein clamping. The blood stagnates. “The blood is standing, but you don’t drink, and you also ate greens, so a blood clot has formed, which merrily and easily goes up and can get into the pulmonary artery,” the doctors explained. Therefore, in order to avoid an inflection, it is necessary to sit so that the leg is bent at a right or obtuse angle.

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