Stories of impact are useful way to systematically document evidence, work visibility, knowledge sharing, progress and networking across the member states. Moreover, this narrative approach can also be used as a tool for improvement, while at the same time support the data derived from traditional evaluation measures in various countries.

GHSA 2024 Target

By 2024, more than 100 countries that have completed an evaluation of health security capacities will have undergone planning and resource mobilization to address gaps, and will be in the process of implementing activities to achieve impact. These countries will bolster their capacities and demonstrate improvements in at least five technical areas under IHR 2005 to a level of ‘Demonstrated Capacity’ or comparable level, as evaluated through relevant health security assessments, such as those conducted within the parameters of WHO IHR Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. Moreover, GHSA will continue to share progress and stories of impact of IHR activities.

Picturing and Tracking Progress from GHSA members

An essential component of GHSA 2024 is collecting, visualizing success stories, lessons learned or best practices gathered. An impact story provides perspective from a single member country’s point of view at a specific point of time. It aims to bring out rich insights to understand what has changed and how, and the degree to which the
changes can be attributed or incurred by using the learning experiences of member countries under umbrella of GHSA. The GHSA Map Viewer Website will provide a meaningful way of searching and publishing countries stories of impact.

Stories of impact under commitments thematic area:

In 2020, the GHSA Steering Group has identified the following thematic areas for commitments towards GHSA 2024 targets in order to help setting the standard for the types of commitments and activities through which all member countries and partners can contribute:

Identifying and addressing gaps

Building Political Will and Coordination

Investing in Health Security

Documenting Progress and Best Practices

Advancing Steering Group Priorities


Stories of impact should be the progress over time, its value and impact linked with advancing progress towards the GHSA target.

Process for submitting the stories of Impact: 

Stories of Impact can be submitted to the GHSA secretariat using the following email addresses:

Alternatively, submitted stories of impact will be reviewed by the secretariat and steering group prior to finalization and publishing on the GHSA Map Viewer Website.