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It’s time to lose weight, because there is a month left until the summer. What six steps will help in this and what, on the contrary, should not be done categorically? told about this nutritionist and therapist of the National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia Sofya Eliashevich:

“About half of women regularly buy things that are too tight or keep old clothes in closets that are already too small for them. However, in most cases, this is not an incentive to lose weight. Of course, it all depends on how strong a motivator this or that thing is for a particular person. But according to statistics, this method of external motivation still does not help. In addition, stretchy or baggy clothing (oversized) can contribute to weight gain. Loose clothing often hides the fact that the boundaries of the body have changed and / or the mass has increased. In addition, stretchy tight clothing gives a deceptive sense of the absence of change.

We share with you expert advice on how to motivate yourself to lose weight correctly:

1. Set realistic goals. For example, do not lose weight up to 50 kg, but lose 0.5-1 kg per week.

2. Go to bed early. Avoid gadgets 1 hour before bed. Staying up late raises your appetite, and sleeping less than eight hours increases your daily calorie intake by 250 kcal.

3. It is better to start the day with a glass of cool drinking water before breakfast. This will help wake up the body and start the metabolism.

4. In the kitchen, use plates of cool colors.. Blue color suppresses appetite.

5. The selection of nutrition must be carried out by a dietitianwho will be able to assess related health problems, work and leisure schedules.

6. Remember to build on your success with a positive attitude.. Repeat to yourself daily that you can lose weight and it will be easy for you!”


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