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Everyone knows the aphorism Chekhov: “Brevity is the soul of wit”. Parents often repeat it to their children when they teach them to isolate the main idea from a large amount of information. Modern teenagers are very fond of short videos on the Internet, from which they learn a lot of useful things. And at this point, adults begin to contradict themselves – they teach younger ones to be concise, while at the same time they are against the child consuming a lot of such material on the Internet. It is important to immediately note that the ability to express the main idea succinctly is a talent that many are now developing, said psychologist Tatyana Vasylkova.

Did clip thinking exist before?

The type of perception is due to the fact that there are videos that can and even need to be watched. It would be more difficult for children to learn without websites and applications, where videos last up to 15 minutes, or even only 15-40 seconds. People will study such material, since it is now available and popular on the Internet. If the older generation is trying to cancel the perception of video clips among teenagers, then, by this logic, all videos less than an hour in length will have to be banned.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that even at the dawn of the development of modern Russian television, several channels appeared (yes, there were few of them), and people themselves chose what they wanted to watch. Even at that time, a person switched from channel to channel, and within a few seconds he understood whether the program was interesting to him or not. The same thing is happening in our time. Humanity cannot escape what has been present in life for many years. The situation is similar with short films. The authors convey a complete story in a short period of time. Even documentary works are presented in this format.

Clip thinking for all types of perception

In any sense, extremes are not good. Some believe that if a person watches short videos, he can no longer perceive information in another form, where the material is presented in more detail, scientifically or technically. This is absolutely not true. Each of us combines different content formats to get an overall view. Today – a short video, tomorrow – scientific literature, the day after tomorrow – a documentary film. One cannot exclude the other.

In addition, clip thinking is perfect for people with a visual type of information perception. A short video is considered as visual material that is easier to remember and understand. Even in pedagogy, this method is used to ensure that children acquire new knowledge.

The clip style is also suitable for audio audiences. It happens that the text is difficult to perceive, but the picture and sound are remembered better. For learning, it is good to combine different methods. You can even connect touch, tactile methods to receive additional information.

Some people mistakenly think that people watch short videos for hours and do nothing else. But that’s not true. It is enough to then communicate carefully and with curiosity about the material received, and you will see that the person already has a certain amount of knowledge in a specific area. To fundamentally study a topic, people use several resources – not only clips, but also books, thematic exhibitions in museums, and theatrical performances. In this way, a whole complex for personal development is built.

Clip thinking for the professions of the future

Quick videos are an opportunity to learn a lot and a little at a time. This makes it easier to get acquainted with different areas of life and activity. Previously, there was a trend towards teaching children – for example, enrolling in a music school, studying for 7 years, so that the child could fully master the profession and then teach music himself. Today, this approach does not work, especially when it comes to the professions of the future. It is not even known which specialties will remain in demand in the coming decades.

Now the demand is for those who are able to generate creative content and control robots. We need people with innovative thinking. And it arises precisely at the intersection of disciplines, when a person fully knows not only music, for example, but also has a good understanding of sports, history, theater, etc. Today, the professions of the future – the same blogger – arose as a synergy of dozens of disciplines .

Short clips allow a child to develop simultaneously in many directions and gain knowledge from several sources and areas. This is very useful for future vocations. Children learn to be versatile, highlight the main points and also convey information briefly to others.


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