Simple Menu With Rice And Beans: 25 Simple And Healthy Ideas

O rice and beans it is the basis of the Brazilian population and is a complete dish, as it provides the ideal amount of amino acids to form a protein of high biological value.

In this sense, few combinations of plant-based foods manage to make this happen easily.

Also, rice and beans can be part of a balanced and healthy dieteven favoring weight loss.

To help find nutritional balance and make meals even more complete, we’ve prepared 25 lunch and dinner menu ideas with rice and beans as the main ingredient.

1- Rice, beans, boiled egg, lettuce and tomato

2- Rice, beans, pork steak, chard and cherry tomatoes

3- Bean tutu, brown rice, chicken drumstick and kale and watercress farofa

4- Rice, beans, pumpkin, diced chicken

5- Brown rice, beans, grilled fish, braised okra

6- Rice with vegetables, beans with cabbage and grilled fish

7- Rice, Beans, Tomato and chard salad, Roasted drumstick

8- Rice with broccoli, beans, braised ground beef

9- Baked rice, bean tutu, egg and cheese omelette

10- Grilled steak, raw leaf salad, brown rice and black beans

11- Rice, beans, dried meat, cooked pumpkin and cherry tomatoes

12- Bean tutu, brown rice, baked fish and braised zucchini

13- Spinach Salad, Sauteed Cabbage, Omelette, Rice and Beans

14- Mashed potato, watercress salad, rice, beans, braised liver

15- Rice risotto, baked beans, roast beef and okra

16- Light Feijoada, White Rice, Arugula and Pineapple Salad, Cooked Tenderloin

17- Rice, beans, carrot and cauliflower salad, braised muscle

18- Brown Rice, Fried Beans, Lettuce and Tomato, Ground Duck Burger

19- Beet salad, boiled egg, braised cabbage, rice and beans

20- Rice, Beans, Green Beans, Salad with raw leaves, grilled hake fillet

21- Rice, Beans, Pot Meat, Cabbage with farofa

22- Steak, Rice, Beans, Cabbage Salad, Pineapple and Lettuce

23- Carreteiro Rice, Black Beans, Coxão mole with onions, Tomato and lettuce salad

24- Rice dumplings, beans, grilled fish, mashed potatoes

25- Rice, Beans, Cauliflower and broccoli salad, Grilled pork steak

benefits of rice

Immediate energy source

Although many people consider rice to be a food villain, it provides fast-absorbing carbohydrates in the body.

In this way, it is one of the best sources of energy, which is used in all metabolic processes, including brain functions.

Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease

Brown rice contains lignan, a compound that acts on preservation of cardiovascular healthacting in an anti-inflammatory way.

In addition, there are studies that claim that one of the functions of lignan is to reduce the levels of fat in the blood, which is important in controlling cholesterol, for example.

Contains important amino acids

White rice has some amino acids, which are the basis for building proteins. Among these amino acids are methionine and cysteine.

While methionine assists in the elimination of toxins, promotes the creation of healthy cells and tissues and improves cardiovascular health, cysteine ​​is related to strengthening the immune system and acts on the fight against oxidation.

Improves intestinal functioning

Both white rice and brown rice have a considerable amount of fiber, although brown rice has much more.

Therefore, rice is indicated in the treatment of diarrhea, in addition to contributing to the formation of fecal mass.

Provides vitamins and minerals

Rice contains some vitamins and minerals such as complex B and E, in addition to iron and potassiumalbeit in small quantities.

These micronutrients are important for various metabolic and immune processes in the body, preventing disease and hormonal imbalances.

benefits of beans

Avoid anemia

Simple Menu with Rice and Beans 3 1

Iron is one of the minerals most present in beans, being one of those responsible for hemoglobin production, main blood protein.

Therefore, consuming beans is a way to avoid anemia, a disease that is more common in women with heavy menstrual flow or in people who do not consume food of animal origin.

In this case, darker beans such as black and red beans have a higher iron content than lighter beans.

Promotes the balance of the intestinal microbiota

Bean fibers are important to balance the microorganisms of the intestinal microbiota, which feed on them in bacteria colony networks.

In this way, the colonies prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, which can cause inflammation or digestive diseases.

A 60 gram serving of black beans provides about 13 grams of fibermore than half of the daily recommendation, which is about 25 grams.

protein source

About 35% of the nutritional composition of beans is protein. Therefore, he it is an alternative for vegan and vegetarian peoplebeing one of the most protein plant foods.

In addition, when beans are combined with rice, they provide an amount of protein similar to a piece of chicken meat, for example.

Helps in slimming

Another interesting benefit of beans is that it helps to avoid excess calories in the diet.

It is estimated that 100 grams of cooked pinto beans (50 grams of broth and 50 grams of beans) has only 70 calories and 8 grams of fiber.

In this sense, beans are an ideal food in weight loss diets, as they do not contribute to weight gain.

Avoid or Type 2 Diabetes

The glycemic index of beans is around 24, one of the lowest among vegetables. This means that beans do not cause an immediate spike in glucose in the bloodstream.

In turn, beans still contribute to lowering the glycemic index of rice, which is high, preventing metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

What is the ideal amount of rice and beans for lunch and dinner?

Rice and beans can be eaten every day, together with a healthy and balanced diet. The nutritional needs of each individual take into account their physical and biochemical characteristics.

Simple Menu with Rice and Beans 4 1

For this reason, there is no ideal amount of rice and beans that we should consume to obtain the benefits of the duo.

However, it is a fact that exaggerating the consumption of rice and beans can favor weight gain. Therefore, 2 to 3 tablespoons of rice and a medium ladle of beans are enough for women.

Men may need a little more, 3 to 5 tablespoons of rice and 1 to 1.5 medium cups of beans. Finally, it is important to include greens and vegetables in the dish, so that the meal can be considered complete.


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