Shattered. Cardiologist Shlyakhto explained how unhappy love hits the heart | Healthy Life | Health

Symptoms from broken heart syndrome are similar to those of a heart attack. How does unhappy love and stress affect the heart? spoke about this on International Heart Day Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Russian Society of Cardiology​ Evgeniy Shlyakhto.

Unhappy love and other emotional turmoil can have a direct impact on the condition of the heart. Increased levels of stress hormones and emotional tension indirectly cause changes in heart rhythm, affect blood pressure and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

There is even a disease, Takatsubo syndrome (“broken heart syndrome,” stress cardiomyopathy), which develops under extreme stress and is characterized by a temporary weakening of the contractile function of the left ventricle and symptoms similar to myocardial infarction.

To maintain heart and vascular health, active management of stressful situations is important, which is achieved through healthy sleep, regular physical activity and other relaxation methods. If emotional tension and stress have become your constant companions and are affecting your health, contact a psychotherapist to get professional support and advice.


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