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The Peruvian authorities have declared a nationwide health emergency due to an unusual increase in the number of cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome. Previously, with the same diagnosis, he was admitted to a Western clinic Anatoly Chubais. What kind of disease is this, figured out.

As told osteopathic doctor, neurologist Alexander Evdokimov, the main symptom of the syndrome is numbness of the extremities. It was because of this feeling that Anatoly Chubais, the ex-head of Rosnano, was hospitalized in one of the European clinics about a year ago. Evdokimov noted that with this disease, a person’s motor function and sensitivity of the limbs suffer.

Usually develops some time after the infection, and last year a patient died in South Africa, who, according to the South African edition of Daily Maverick, developed the syndrome after being vaccinated with the anti-covid drug Johnson & Johnson.

In Guillain-Barré syndrome, the body’s own immune system begins to destroy the sheath of nerve fibers (the scientific name for this sheath is myelin). This self-destruction leads to movement disorders, sensitivity disorders.

As she said in her telegram channel therapist and host of the program “Live Healthy!” Elena Malysheva, the syndrome is characterized by an acute, rapidly progressive inflammatory process, which is characterized by damage to peripheral nerves, as well as muscle weakness. Malysheva added that the muscles of the limbs, the face, and also the respiratory ones can fail. With advanced stages or an incorrectly chosen method of treatment, the disease can be fatal.

However, according to the TV presenter and the doctor, with the right surgical treatment, which includes plasmapheresis (blood purification), the disease most often ends in a complete recovery. Although the recovery process can take months.


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