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My house is my fortress: hardly anyone would dare to argue with such a statement. However, sometimes this fortress becomes dangerous for human health. And it’s all about household items around. What habitual items should be changed necessarily and as often as possible? told about this Allergist-Immunologist, Head of the Department of Allergology and Immunology, NCC No. acad. B. V. Petrovsky (Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Assistant of the Department of Immunology, Russian National Research Medical University. N. I. Pirogova Evgenia Parshina.

Here, first of all, we are talking about objects that a person comes into contact with daily – a shower curtain, a sponge for washing dishes, a comb, slippers, cutting boards and much more. As a result, close contact with mucous membranes and skin is noted – from where the infection can always easily enter the human body.

Curtain in the bathroom

Its main danger lies in the fact that such an item is in a constantly warm and humid environment, in addition, bathrooms often do not have the best ventilation. Due to dampness in various seams on the walls and on plastic items, which include a bathroom curtain, mold can develop, including its most dangerous form – black.

It is quite difficult to fight it – it requires a huge amount of effort and money. The fungus spoils the appearance of the coating, but in addition, it negatively affects human health. Spores of the fungus are able to breathe deep into the lungs, starting destructive processes there. In addition, it can lead to allergies, respiratory pathologies – from rhinitis to bronchitis and even asthma, skin manifestations – eczema, dermatosis of a different kind and other diseases. In allergy sufferers, the reaction can occur even after short-term contact. Mold is especially dangerous for children with various chronic diseases and the elderly.

According to experts, the easiest way to solve the problem and prevent it is by eliminating the source of trouble, that is, regularly changing the curtain, and not leaving it for years.


Dentists recommend not using the brush for more than three months. After all, it accumulates in its villi the microbial flora brushed off the teeth. As a result, these microbes get back into the oral cavity, while they may end up in the injured part of the mucosa. Getting injured is quite easy – just miss and walk with strong pressure on the gum. This results in stomatitis, caries and other inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.

Sponge for washing dishes

It would seem that this item should not be so dirty. After all, he is in contact with detergent all the time. In fact, the sponge is also constantly in a humid and warm environment. And it also retains food residues that are nutritious for microorganisms.

To slightly extend the life of the sponge, after washing the dishes, be sure to rinse it under hot water with the addition of soap or a cleaning agent. And also change them regularly, without trying to wear the previous one literally to holes.

Special precautions are for sponges if they come into contact with raw food, such as meat. It will not be possible to disinfect them after such contact in any way. As a result, the sponge in a few hours will be filled with microbes, increasing exponentially. And it is best to change the sponge every 14 days.

Sponges for the body, on which particles of skin accumulate, have a similar danger, they should be changed at least once a month.

Cutting boards

A long-known recommendation that is actively ignored by everyone is separate boards for different types of products: for meat, a separate one for fruits and vegetables, a certain one for bread, etc.

The boards are constantly cut with a knife, which causes scratches on them, into which food particles, fibers of washing wipes clog. And this is again a bacterial flora in large quantities, fraught with eating disorders, among other things. Boards, if there are several, can be changed once a year, or if necessary, if they have become unusable.


There are several reasons why pillows should be changed regularly. One of them is hygienic. If the pillow is used for a long time, dust accumulates on it, house dust mites start up, which are not visible to the eye, but at the same time cause significant damage to health. First of all, they become provocateurs of allergies, for example, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, bronchial asthma and skin manifestations.

Sometimes it seems that if the pillow is washed regularly (if these are not downy options) or ventilated, such consequences can be avoided. But no. After all, allergens can accumulate deep inside, from where they will not be knocked out by water, nor by the sun, nor by the wind. As a result, a person will regularly face complications of the disease.

If an allergy has already appeared, there is no need for self-treatment – you should consult a doctor, he will select the best drugs and give recommendations on choosing a new pillow.

From the point of view of the prevention of both allergies and bacterial diseases that can develop due to secretions from the skin accumulated on the pillow, a regular change of pillows becomes the way out – at least once every 2 years.


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