This Action Package Working Group brings together GHSA countries and partners, to develop and support implementation of a strategic approach for mobilizing global, regional, and country-level resources to achieve sustainable financing for country-level preparedness (e.g., to achieve IHR (2005) compliance), including by finding ways to optimize roles at the country, regional, and global levels.

What do we do?

The Sustainable Financing for Preparedness Action Package Working Group intends to pursue the following strategic objectives and achieve measurable success by December 31, 2023:

  • Engage relevant stakeholders to contribute respective strengths and take coordinated action to increase and sustain domestic and global financing for preparedness.
  • Identify and contribute to existing efforts and tools to develop, enhance, test, and bring to scale approaches to build country capacity, incorporate standardized metrics, and facilitate progress toward sustainable mobilization, allocation, expenditure, and reporting of financial resources for countries to implement priority activities identified in country NAPHS.
  • Galvanize high-level and multisectoral awareness and support to mobilize and institutionalize sustainable financing for preparedness, including through articulating the economic value of investing in preparedness (e.g., lessons from COVID-19) and strengthening health systems. 

How do we do it?

  • Identify, leverage, and promote effective tools and practices to facilitate sustainable financing for health security activities
  • Advance efforts in catalyzing country-level investments in preparedness, including using, enhancing, developing, and/or piloting helpful messages and definitions and advocating for approaches necessary to make the economic case
  • Engage and convene technical experts and policy leaders to identify areas where GHSA is best-placed to address challenges in mobilizing sustainable resources necessary to implement plans to build and maintain critical preparedness capacities 
  • Support, promote, and follow-through on the Action Package Five-Year Target

Additional Background Information:

Identifying Country & Partner Successful Practices and Tools

Sustainable Financing for Preparedness Successful Practices

The GHSA Sustainable Financing for Preparedness (SFP)Action Package (AP) Working Group (WG) is working to share information and resources to support country efforts to secure sustainable financing for preparedness. As an initial step, the SFP AP WG gathered information from countries and organizations engaged in SFP-related conversations to learn about their experiences in securing sustainable financing for preparedness. This summary list and reference sheet share practices and recommendations that these partners found to be successful. This list does not aim to represent all possible, needed, or universally-appropriate steps for sustainable financing for pandemic preparedness. Rather, it provides some initial information and resources for others to consider, adapt, and/or build upon. Over time, we hope that partners will continue to share information to expand the list of ideas, document and share any experiences, and highlight elements that most successful at generating and sustaining preparedness financing.

Summary List: The summary of successful practices provides an overview of the various efforts that GHSA partners have identified as helpful actions for securing domestic financing for preparedness.

Reference Sheet: provides more specific examples, publications, and resources (Financing Examples, References, Related Tools, etc.) that can assist countries in understanding and taking action for each element in the summary list.

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Have tools, successful practices, or success stories you want to share? Contact us below!

These resources represent initial information gathered from countries, international organizations, and non-governmental stakeholder partners. They are not comprehensive or final recommendations. The SFP AP WG aims to continue to build this document with partner input. We welcome your input, including:

  • Ideas or feedback on any of these elements (e.g., effectiveness, alternatives)
  • If you have found one or a combination of elements to be effective in your country or organization

Please share any questions or thoughts with the SFP AP WG through the links below.