Commitments to deliver bold, measurable and impactful actions towards the GHSA 2024 target

GHSA 2024 Target

By 2024, more than 100 countries that have completed an evaluation of health security capacity will have undergone planning and resource mobilization to address gaps, and will be in the process of implementing activities to achieve impact. These countries will strengthen their capacities and demonstrate improvements in at least five technical areas to a level of ‘Demonstrated Capacity’ or comparable level, as measured by relevant health security assessments, such as those conducted within the WHO IHR Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. GHSA will continue to encourage partnerships and commitments and report on the progress and successes of commitments throughout its lifetime. 

Visualizing and Tracking Progress from GHSA members

An essential part of GHSA 2024 is collecting, visualizing, and tracking progress of commitments made, and to share lessons learned or best practices gathered. The GHSA commitments map viewer below provides a way of searching previously-made commitments. 

Commitments by thematic area:

In 2020, the GHSA Steering Group identified various thematic areas for commitments to GHSA 2024 in order to help set the standard for the types of commitments and activities that all countries and partners could make.  GHSA Commitments should be new, specific, measurable, timebound, and importantly should strongly link advancing progress towards the Target.  Currently collected commitments have been captured under the following thematic areas:

Identifying and addressing gaps:  Thailand commits to conduct an intra-action review of the COVID-19 response in 2020

Building Political Will and CoordinationThailand commits to collaborate and provide technical assistance to requested countries in capacity building of the field epidemiology and laboratory system

Investing in Health Security:  Thailand commits to collaborate and provide technical assistance to requested countries in capacity building of the field epidemiology and laboratory system

Documenting Progress and Best Practices:  Thailand commits to share/publish reports demonstrating progress on laboratory system strengthening and workforce development

Thailand commits to share the findings of the intra-action review report

Advancing Steering Group Priorities

Thailand commits to take up the GHSA Chairmanship in 2021 and establish a Secretariat supporting office

Thailand commits to collaborate with other contributing members and others GHSA members in implementation of the regional activities of the GHSA Action Packages: Antimicrobial Resistance, Biosecurity & Biosafety, Laboratory Systems and Workforce Development

Thailand commits to foster partnerships, networking of laboratory networks, and multi-sectoral workforce development through existing regional networks including the Regional Public Health Laboratory Network, ASEAN+3 FETN, and ASEAN Veterinary Epidemiology Group in outreach to other regions


Process for submitting or updating commitments: 

All GHSA member are highly encouraged to consult their country or organization to identify new, specific commitments that can be added to the GHSA Map Viewer each year, or on the occasion of a high-level GHSA Ministerial meeting.  All GHSA members are encouraged to make multiple types of commitments, to be submitted as one singular submission.  Commitments should be reviewed and agreed to by the GHSA lead and senior leadership (eg. Minister or designee). 

Narrative commitments should be submitted to the GHSA Secretariat, Submitted commitments will be reviewed by the secretariat and Steering Group prior to finalization and publishing on the GHSA Map Viewer website.