Male genital cosmetic surgery: Androlifting

If until a few years ago alla Cosmetic Surgery a small number of people used it and this segment of medicine was considered quite niche, today there are more and more users.

The areas of the body to be operated on are different and even if it is erroneously thought that only or almost only women turn to the aesthetic surgeon, many men do it toowho more and more often don’t just ask for a reduction in the waistline or the elimination of love handles, but are attracted by much more intimate touch-ups.

On the riseIndeed, cosmetic surgery on the male genitalia and, in particular, androlifting.

What patients want from andrological cosmetic surgery

According to some recent estimates, men who turn to the andrologist for aesthetic questions ask the specialist not only for solutions to increase the size of the penis, but also small tricks to erase the signs of aging and turn the clock back a few decades even in the genital parts. In short, a real one lifting intimo.

Even if it is a desire that could make you smile, we must not forget that for many men these are particularly sensitive areas of the body, whose appearance significantly affects the general feeling of well-being and on psychological and mental health.

This sometimes leads some more fragile patients to request improvement interventions even where there would be no need, because they perceive non-existent or so slight defects, especially in the penis, that they do not have to be treated in any way. In these cases we speak of dismorfofobia peniera and the ideal solution is to refer the person to another specialist who analyzes the reasons that led him to feel feelings of insecurity towards his own genital system.

What drives the request for intimate aesthetic interventions

The request for cosmetic surgery in the andrological field, although still limited, continues to grow, and the reasons are various.

It undoubtedly affects it public clearance of certain issueswhich has prompted many people to free themselves from the taboo of talking about their penis and to no longer feel embarrassed to go to the andrologist even for aesthetic questions.

In the face of this undoubtedly positive step forward, what drives many men to want to improve the appearance of their penis and the surrounding areas is also a growing performance anxiety and a culture of excellence fueled by social networks and by the many solicitations that come from the web, where the most popular models are those that encourage the achievement of a presumed but unreal perfection. The same is also represented within pornography, which leads to comparisons that are often unattainable and therefore a source of frustration.

Finally, those who expressly request androlifting interventions do so because they are starting to see i signs of ageing on one’s genitals, which at a certain point no longer correspond to the image that man himself has of himself and to his desires, in the sexual sphere but not only.

How to rejuvenate the private parts

Anti-ageing treatments for the genitals obviously aim to reduce the signs of aging in this part of the body and, just like any other aesthetic procedure, they can be light or more invasive.

Between softer solutions and also among the most used, the absorbable filler based on hyaluronic acid injections which help to reshape the penis. In vogue also the injections of platelet enriched plasma (PRP) or the use of the technique of needlingwhich with a roller of small needles stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

There is no shortage of requests for interventions at the laser to correct any discoloration or small scars.

How androlifting works

Aging in this area of ​​the body manifests itself mainly through the relaxation of skin tissues in three areas: scrotum, pubis and penoscrotal tissue.

One of the most innovative treatments to counteract this condition is theandrolifting.

The scrotum is subject to the force of gravity and this leads to a stretching of the tissues over time. The androlifting intervention in this area is carried out with incisions in inconspicuous areas, functional to relax the skin which in this way is much more toned and elastic. This type of treatment, in addition to improving the overall aesthetics of the area and bringing it back to the level of some previous years, is particularly useful for men who regularly practice sports at medium to high levels because it improves the feeling of intimate comfort, which in turn can affect sports performance.

However, it also happens that a relax both the lower portion of the abdomen, which in doing so can put a strain on the penis. In this case we intervene with a micro androlifting surgery which allows you to lift the genitals.

Finally, some people have a bump that develops from the scrotum and it also involves the shaft of the penis. If this is the problem, with the androlifting technique a portion of tissue is removed from the lower part of the shaft of the penis towards the scrotum.


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