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During the autumn season it is quite common to observe hair loss, both in male and female subjects, especially in the presence of certain pathologies that significantly worsen the fall, both in quantitative and temporal terms. Fortunately, not all forms of hair loss are irreversible.

Difference between Effluvium and Defluvium

  • Effluvia: excessive hair loss per day (hundreds, sometimes thousands). There is no damage to the follicle. Benign and reversible phenomenon.
  • Defluvium: modest hair loss (but not massive as in the effluvium). Progressive follicle loss for sclerosis or atrophy. Partially irreversible: part of the fallen hair will be permanently lost. If not treated promptly, even in the triggering causes, it becomes a chronic disease.

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Hair loss: cos’è

Il Hair loss is a medical condition during which a person observes a consistent loss of hair, both in the short and long term, thus presenting thinning, thin and brittle hair.

A condition that requires constant treatments, not always effective, and which is not necessarily to be considered irreversible.

Depending on whether they appear during one phase or another of the hair’s life cycle (illustrated in the next paragraph), the causes may be different from those related to one previous pathologyall‘dietrather than taking certain medications or psychological conditions such as severe stress or depressive stateswhich can promote hair loss.

Acute or chronic hair loss

Telogen effluvium can be of two types:

  • Acute telogen effusion: hair loss is sudden and violent and has a limited duration, usually around three months. Hair regrowth in this case can be partial or total.
  • Chronic telogen effluvium: hair loss it remains over time and it is more difficult to treat. Regrowth can be partial or absent, forming visible areas of thinning.

Hair life cycle

The hair has a life cycle Divided into stages. It is not certain that the sequence of the phases is respected, or again, it is probable that one of the phases may not even occur. The phases are:

  • anagen: hair is born and grows very quickly, because the dermal papilla and the bulb are healthy and show no imbalance. Growth times: 2-4 years for humans; 4-5 years for women. It represents 90% of the hair that is usually owned.
  • Catagen: once the maximum growth has been reached, the hair dies as it detaches itself from the scalp. The bulb reaches the surface, and detaches from the follicle. This phase lasts about a couple of months.
  • Telogen: hair loss which can be acute or chronic.
  • Kenogen: the follicle rests and prepares for hair regrowth

Female androgenetic alopecia

When hair loss in women is related to hormonal imbalances we speak of androgenetic alopecia linked to the activity of androgen hormones (genetically significant). It manifests itself with: moderate hair loss, thin, short and depigmented hair, increasingly superficial follicle.

The defluvium in this case is also accompanied by states of:

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss has different causes depending on whether it occurs in a certain phase of the life cycle. In particular:

Anagen effluvium: hair loss of several hundred, or even thousands of units.

Telogen effluvium, classified into acute telogen effluvium and chronic telogen effluvium.

Acute: Intense and extensive hair loss (hundreds and sometimes even thousands). Causes:

The treatment generally takes place through the use of corticosteroids both in the chronic form and in the acute form. Generally, these drugs are administered topically.

Chronic: affects more women than men and is characterized by significant hair loss without seasonal variations and constant over time. Main causes:

The treatment of chronic telogen effluvium involves the treatment of the triggering cause, and possible adjuvant through the administration of topical corticosteroids, or, in the most serious cases, systemically

Telogen defluvium: hair loss of modest intensity of type androgenetico e postmenopausal androgeneticsfrom polycystic ovaries, from anorexia nervosa.

Defluvium in anagen: growing hair loss with final destruction of the hair follicle. Most common causes:

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