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Blueberries, which are abundant in our forests, help burn fat. This was discovered by scientists from California. And that means that it must be included in your diet for those who want to lose those extra pounds.

The latest issue of the well-known scientific journal Nutrients published a study by scientists from the California Polytechnic State University. Humboldt. They have proven that a glass of blueberries a day significantly increases fat burning during exercise.

Real body positivity is when the “body” gets smaller

The problem is that even during intense physical activity, our body burns carbohydrates in the first place to get energy. Since their reserves are limited, fatigue and fatigue develop rapidly (and fats leave very little). And now, if you stimulate the burning of fats, then there will be more energy, endurance will increase, and the subcutaneous reserves themselves will become smaller. This is very true for athletes, but no less important for those who are struggling with their body fat or seeking to keep fit and avoid their accumulation.

And now for them there is a real tool that helps in this. That’s a glass of blueberries a day. It contains approximately 375 mg of anthocyanins. It is these substances that start the oxidation and burning of fats in the body. Dry and frozen berries will do. For example, freeze-dried blueberries were used in the experiment; they were obtained by a special drying method that retains the maximum of useful substances. Today it is widely used.

It all started with experiments on mice and was confirmed in humans

Previously, this was shown in animals, and then in humans. In an experiment conducted in 2018 in obese men, anthocyanins, while not directly reducing weight, helped maintain it in the normal range and not gain weight on a diet high in fat. Additionally, they improved insulin sensitivity, which means they protected against the development of type 2 diabetes.

And now we can say with confidence that such men will lose weight if they eat a glass of blueberries daily and give themselves at least moderate physical activity. Moreover, the effect will be significantly greater than if they were only engaged in physical education, or, moreover, only ate blueberries.

Sports medicine helps fat people

This follows from the results of the experiment. In it, 11 healthy and athletic men pedaled a bicycle ergometer for 40 minutes. And after they spent two weeks saturating the body with anthocyanins, consuming blueberries, their fats began to burn much faster and in greater quantities. The experiment showed that at the 20th minute of “riding” on a bicycle ergometer, the rate of fat oxidation increased by 19.7%, at the 30th minute – by 43.2%, and at the 40th – by 31.1%. This significantly increases fat burning, and therefore helps to lose weight.

Since the study was conducted on young sports guys 26.5 years old and with normal body weight, the scientists did not aim to reduce their weight. It was a sports medicine experiment to see if they would get more endurance. But its side effect is very positive for all those who do not experience body positivity from their extra pounds. And this is a good reason to use this method to combat your fat stores.

Not only blueberries

Someone may say that the number of participants in 11 people is not very large, and doubt the results. Indeed, we sometimes read in scientific articles that scientists have assessed the condition of tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. It happens, but these are studies of a completely different genre, they are called observational. In them, people are simply interviewed or even just studied their medical records in databases. This is important science. But an experiment is a deeper and more detailed study of the participants, and the number of observations in them is incomparably less. However, the value of such studies is very high.

And some more positivity. There is every reason to believe that not only blueberries, but also other products with anthocyanins have such an effect. They can be used too. Most of them are in berries with red and blue-violet color (these are the colors of anthocyanins themselves) – blackcurrant, cherry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, elderberry, black and red grapes. They are also found in red oranges, eggplant, red cabbage, black rice, and purple-fleshed potatoes. And all this should be more often included in your menu for overweight people and those who do not want to gain weight.

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