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The incidence of covid is increasing rapidly. Over the last month of summer, 1.5 million new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the world. In the US, it has not bypassed even the first persons. The White House administration announced that the wife of the President of the United States fell ill with covid Jill Biden She tested positive for covid. The first lady did not need hospitalization – the disease is mild, so she will be treated at home. Biden himself has tested negative for the coronavirus.

The flu will lay down immediately, covid – in a week

Doctors say the new strains of covid are highly contagious, though less deadly. How did it happen that one of the spouses fell ill and the other is healthy?

“Firstly, let me remind you that with covid, the period from the moment of infection to the moment manifestations of the disease are quite long, up to a week, – explained Chairman of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists, Professor Pavel Vorobyov. – Covid is not the flu, when, relatively speaking, you can feel the symptoms a few hours after contact with the sick person: you went to work, and in the evening you already fell ill. Secondly, covid occurs differently in people: someone with severe symptoms, someone asymptomatic. Biden may not yet be symptomatic. And if it does appear, it may be mild.”

The doctor spoke about a recent case from practice, when the whole family fell ill with covid – parents and a child – with a difference of 3-4 days. It was obvious that they picked up the virus at the same time, in one place. But the disease developed differently for everyone. In adults, classical, non-severe symptoms were observed. But the child fell ill in a rather severe form, which doctors had not observed before. As a rule, in children, covid passes easily. In this case, the child had to be prescribed prednisolone. “Of course, giving a child prednisolone is not the best way out, but there was no other way, the fever of 39-plus lasted for three days. What was to be done? Moreover, this is one hundred percent covid, ”the doctor clarifies.

The professor also recalled that it is not worth relying on immune diagnostic methods, that is, tests known to everyone. Often they give the wrong result. Only in 40% of cases, tests show a positive response in those infected with covid. For example, in a situation with a sick family, only one person tested positive for covid, and two gave a negative result. Although it is obvious that if everyone in the family fell ill almost simultaneously, then the pathogen is the same. By the way, adults were vaccinated, but still got sick.

Strain doesn’t matter

At the same time, which particular strain of covid caused the disease is practically irrelevant for doctors. “Today we know how to treat – we immediately give anticoagulants,” says Vorobyov. “We have developed a questionnaire based on artificial intelligence, which diagnoses covid with an accuracy of almost 90%, differentiating it from all other respiratory infections.”

It is important to remember that even mild and asymptomatic cases can provoke complications and protracted forms of the disease.

“They often object to me: if there is no high temperature, why give anticoagulants? the professor continues. – And then you don’t want to have a long-haired look, suffer for months? In any case, with the disease, coagulation is disturbed, thrombosis develops, and autoimmune processes are triggered. I think it’s better to play it safe in this case.”

The doctor gives an example. If the heart rhythm is disturbed (atrial fibrillation), a stroke can develop. Not everyone. But anticoagulants are prescribed prophylactically to all patients with arrhythmia, because it has been proven that this significantly reduces the risk of stroke.

Similarly, with covid, anticoagulants prevent the development of severe complications. Scientists in our country and abroad have shown that against the background of the pandemic, the number of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes mellitus among those who have recovered from covid has increased dramatically. “This is post-covid cardiometabolic syndrome, which is clearly associated with covid,” says the professor.

Doctors predict that in October-November there will be a new seasonal outbreak of covid in Russia. And the increase in the number of patients has already begun.


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