Lactose intolerant eye on the menu: vacation period can generate redoubled concern

Parties, school holidays, carnival… The end and beginning of the year are always busy moments with great celebrations. Therefore, whether with family, friends or at work, trips to restaurants end up being more frequent. However, for the lactose intolerant, this routine may be of greater concern. The reason is the lack of knowledge in the preparation of some dishes and the possible ingestion of ingredients that contain the molecule.

Thinking about it, we talked to experts to try to understand what actions are recommended to prevent lactose intolerance from being an even bigger problem at that time.

Still not sure about lactose intolerance? See if you can predict the condition before the onset of discomfort.

Mistrust and knowledge are essential to know where to find lactose

According to nutritionist Fernanda de Almeida Teixeira, processed and ultra-processed meats can contain soy cheese, artificial sweeteners, granola and even mayonnaise. “Therefore, the importance of reading the list of ingredients of the products when purchasing them”, advises the specialist.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Edir Porto also raises the issue that each individual tolerates a specific amount of lactose. Therefore, in some cases, small amounts may not cause any discomfort. While, in other cases, the quest to understand how the dish is made is necessary.

Know what signs you need to be aware of that may indicate lactose intolerance.

Consuming lactase enzyme may prevent gastrointestinal discomfort

So that lactose intolerance does not become an impediment to enjoying the variety of foods in this period, the consumption of the lactase enzyme can be a good alternative. She avoids the discomforts, so common to those who live with the problem, from being avoided.

“It is rather an indication for special situations, in which the patient knows that he will have access to foods with lactose and wants to avoid the recurring discomforts after consumption. The use of the enzyme lactase is recommended before consuming these foods, so that the lactose is digested”, suggests Fernanda de Almeida Teixeira.

Complementing the nutritionist, Dr. Edir Porto also claims that this is an effective alternative for situations in which the person cannot feel bad, such as meetings and travel. But, to know the ideal amount and have more details about the condition itself, going to the specialist is fundamental.

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