Lactose intolerance: how to make friends and family aware and deal with the diet? Tips from specialists in gastroenterology and nutrition.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to explain to your friends or family about lactose intolerance? Unfortunately, many people still have questions about this condition and the best way to deal with it. Therefore, we spoke with a gastroenterologist and a nutritionist to understand how to raise awareness among the people around us and ensure a more peaceful and healthy coexistence for those who suffer from the condition.


How to make friends and family aware

Lactose intolerance is an increasingly common condition and it is essential that people close to an intolerant person know about their condition. Talking about the subject and explaining the importance of a specific diet can help clarify doubts and avoid discomfort.


Early diagnosis of lactose intolerance

According to Dr. Edir Porto, gastroenterologist, making the diagnosis as early as possible is essential. If intolerance is suspected, it is important to perform a lactose tolerance test and, in case of a positive result, actively seek the same diagnosis in family members. The nutritionist, Fernanda de Almeida Teixeira, points out that it is important that close people know about the diagnosis of the intolerant person and talk about allowed and not allowed foods, in addition to palliative methods such as the use of the enzyme lactase in specific situations.

It is important to emphasize that lactose intolerance is not a limitation, but a condition that can evolve with uncomfortable symptoms. According with the doctor. Edir Porto, gastroenterologist, is a benign disease that does not evolve into other diseases or affect the health status of the individual. It is also fundamental that people close to them respect the diet options of the intolerant person and, if there is a need to prepare food with lactose, it is important to notify them in advance so that they can prepare for the event in question, points out Fernanda de Almeida Teixeira, nutritionist .


Awareness is key to living with lactose intolerance

Making friends and family aware of lactose intolerance is essential so that the intolerant person can have a quieter life without discomfort. Talking about the subject and explaining the importance of a specific diet and palliative options can help clarify doubts and avoid embarrassing situations.


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