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Alexander Nevzorov* wants to undergo a total blood transfusion to get rid of Russianness. Ukrainian woman intends to abandon her husband, because he returned from captivity with the blood of Muscovites. Why have blood issues become so relevant now?

Glebych, with traditional seriousness and pathos, declares that the blood transfusion will be his second birthday: “After the renewal of the blood, I will finally be able to say – I am Ukrainian, I am a full-fledged person. This will be my second birthday. I sincerely hope that my example will be indicative. I want everyone to finally understand that you can become a person, even if you were born Russian.”

Faust grabbing Mephistopheles by the beard

Where does such denseness come from in a person who positions himself as a scientist? After all, we remember how he lectured online about his supposedly amazing discoveries related to the activity of the brain. Nevzorov spoke from his office, sitting in an old armchair, on a huge table lay ancient tomes, a skull, a skeleton, candles and other paraphernalia, demonstrating that we are not looking at some kind of researcher from the research institute, but a scientist with a capital letter – even Faust who grabbed Mephistopheles by the beard.

It all looked funny, and the statement about blood is just nonsense. In the mouth of the Ukrainian pannochka, it is more organic. After all, she grew up in an environment where Muscovites were considered not people, but biomaterial (after the Maidan, this designation of Russians became as common and stable as a quilted jacket, a colorado or an alcoholic).

The bone marrow is not a friend to the brain

The notion that someone else’s blood makes a person different is very archaic. We have known for a long time that this is not the case. Transfused donor blood is quickly replaced by one’s own. The recipient (a person who received a blood transfusion – approx. quickly becomes himself, there is not a drop of foreign blood or a molecule of donor DNA left in him. All these words about blood and nation are just mythology and a figure of speech. Therefore, there is no point in transfusing blood.

In order to permanently obtain the DNA of another nation, it is necessary not to transfuse blood, but to transplant bone marrow. Not everyone understands that after his transplantation, a person becomes a biological chimera. It doesn’t sound pretty, but it’s true. Like the mythical ancient chimera, it contains “spare parts” of various organisms. The new bone marrow will produce blood cells containing the donor’s DNA throughout life, and the native DNA will remain in the rest of the cells of the body. That is, such a person has two genomes from different people.

And if Nevzorov undergoes a bone marrow transplantation procedure from a purely Ukrainian donor, then his blood will be Khokhlyat’s, and his body will be Muscovite’s. But this will still not affect his thinking in any way, it will not become more Svidomo, because it is not the bone marrow that is responsible for this, but the brain. Haven’t been able to transfer it yet.

When the children did not become a dad, but a bone marrow donor

But Nevzorov’s children can potentially become broad (real, unalloyed – approx. Ukrainians. How is this possible, because he is a Muscovite? Even if the mother is 100% Ukrainian, they should still be 50% Russian. It turns out that the miracles of biology allow this.

It has long been believed that after a bone marrow transplant, blood cell DNA does not enter the cells of the body. But in 2019, a patient was identified in the United States, in whom, four years after a bone marrow transplant, cells with donor DNA began to be detected in the body. First, the forensic scientist Chris Long found them in the mucous membrane of the tongue and oral cavity. For example, in the tongue they make up about a quarter of all epithelial cells, and on the lips even more – a third (34%). Such cells were also found in the hair, but in smaller numbers. But most importantly, absolutely all of Chris Long’s sperm contained not his DNA, but the donor’s. And this means that the children born from him will not be like a dad, but like the person who donated his bone marrow. How is this possible?

There is an explanation. Before bone marrow transplantation, in order to prevent its rejection, the recipient’s own bone marrow is killed. For this, powerful radiation or chemotherapy is used. As a result of this, spermatozoa and their precursors usually die at the same time, that is, spermatogenesis stops. Therefore, before such procedures, men are often offered to store sperm in a biobank, in case they want to have children in the future. So, it turns out that stem hematopoietic (hematopoietic – approx. cells (it is they who are transplanted, and not the entire bone marrow) can take root in the very place where the cells from which spermatozoa developed used to be. At the same time, they not only take root, but also start the process of maturation of germ cells. Of course, they will contain DNA, and hence the genes of the donor. Like u Chris Long.

And Glebych, friend of paradoxes

Theoretically, Glebych can also follow this path. This path is more difficult and much more dangerous than just a blood transfusion. But this is the only way to make your children without the admixture of Russian DNA. And given the mood and fanaticism of Nevzorov, this can be allowed.

But what will happen when he once again changes his views by 180 degrees, as he had done more than once in his life? However, there is a solution: he may not recognize and communicate with Ukrainian children and grandchildren. After all, this is already in his life. It is known that Nevzorov does not communicate with his daughter Polina and their seven grandchildren. He talked about this in detail in an interview in 2016, then she had only five more children: “I did not take part in the upbringing of my eldest daughter Polina, we separated from her mother. And now Polina and I do not communicate at all. They tell me: the daughter has already given birth to your fifth grandson. What’s the difference? At least the 505th. You see, people are close to each other not because of biological relationship. Because we have such a relationship with you. We are all part of the matter that makes up the universe. We have the same biological ancestors, from which everything began long before the Cambrian period. But this is not a reason to hug and kiss. There are people who understand each other, close to each other. And there are – distant and uninteresting. This is our case.”

And it is easy to see that here is another typical “Nevzor’s paradox”: as you can see, six years ago he did not attach any importance to biological kinship, and hence blood. Now it’s the other way around. Still, it is better for such a person not to change blood or bone marrow, but simply to turn into a Ukrainian, putting on an embroidered shirt, trousers and growing a mustache with a sedentary. If anything, then it will be possible to change clothes and shave so quickly that no one will notice. Not the first time.

* Recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent


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