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Clothing is the most accessible mechanism for self-expression. How not to merge with the crowd, not to fall into “fashionable slavery”, but to remain yourself, while looking fresh and unique?

Not everyone has the means to change their wardrobe every season or buy trendy items. How well-designed and well-chosen accessories can make a wardrobe more dynamic, update and diversify it, told stylist-image maker, fashion stylist Olga Vorobieva.

Beat the tie

Go into the men’s wardrobe and grab a tie. It can be worn instead of a belt, or as a scarf: tie it twice on a shirt buttoned to the top and put it inside.

Try on a men’s jacket

If the image lacks zest, put on your man’s jacket. Unbuttoned over a flowy cotton or silk muslin dress, your bohemian style is complete. If it seems to you that it makes the silhouette heavier, drag the waist with a leather belt or the same men’s belt.

Try refreshing your look with a men’s shirt

Yes, a men’s shirt will be a little too big, but that’s the whole charm. Roll up the sleeves a little, tuck it into the skirt and accessorize with sandals with open toes. Your image will captivate everyone passing by. In this image, you will look very feminine and fragile.

Add personality to everyday things

We take a thing from the mass market and replace the “industrial” buttons with vintage ones or cut off from a thing that you no longer wear. The zest of the outfit appears instantly.

Refresh your look by mixing styles

To be stylish, you need to be able to combine a designer item + a little cheap + a bit of vintage. This rule applies to all budgets.

Confidently wield accessories

For example, the little black dress that every woman has, although each has her own. No need to turn it into a “grieving widow” outfit, but give it individuality. Accessories with him are not extras, but the leading actors, decorating and refreshing the image.

Don’t Forget Accents

Just one detail: beautiful red lipstick, interesting tights (only not transparent and without hooks), leather jacket, leopard pumps, an unusual straw bag… and you have refreshed your look!

Sometimes it takes a little time to find “fresh” things in the wardrobe, take a fresh look at them and learn how to use them skillfully.


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