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Messages are spreading on the Internet and social networks about the upcoming difficulties with the purchase of prescription drugs. Russians are urged to stock up and buy more medicines before September 1. This is due to changes in the mechanism for the sale of medicines: before dispensing the medicine, the pharmacist will need to enter information about the prescription into a special information system. The authors of posts in social networks believe that the complication of working with prescriptions will primarily affect patients. This opinion is erroneous – was convinced of this together with the Noodles Media resource for exposing false information.

What’s new with prescription drugs?

Starting September 1, the system for dispensing prescription drugs will be linked to the Chestny Znak system. The fact is that some categories of medicines need to be additionally controlled in order to avoid the sale of low-quality drugs, fraud with budget money when obtaining drugs that are paid for by the state, and stop unauthorized trade in potent and psychotropic drugs.

Under the new rules, a pharmacy employee must enter the number, series and date of the prescription into the database before giving the drug to the patient. If information appears in the system that the medicine was sold without a prescription or other dispensing rules were violated, the information will automatically be sent to the regulatory authorities.

Will all drugs be covered by the new rules?

No. As representatives of the “Honest Sign” system explained, additional control will be introduced only in relation to prescriptions for:

– psychotropic substances of list III, potent and poisonous substances;

— drugs dispensed remotely;

– medicines, the cost of which is fully or partially compensated by the state.

Will the new algorithm for working with prescription drugs affect patients?

The Ministry of Health of Russia on its Telegram channel published a refutation of the news about the decrease in the availability of drugs: “The new rules that come into force on September 1 will not entail a decrease in the availability of prescription drugs. Citizens will also be able to purchase the medicines they need as usual.” The agency stated that the changes apply only to pharmacies and pharmacists, as their work algorithm will change. Additional information about prescriptions is entered into the database even now, without causing difficulties for patients.




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