Is it possible to drink coffee or drink alcohol at an elevated temperature? | Healthy life | Health

Elevated body temperature often becomes a contraindication to a number of actions. So, for example, it is recommended to reduce activity, do not attend sports, do not walk, etc. Sometimes the question arises: is it possible to drink coffee or even drink alcohol at elevated body temperature. About whether it is worth experimenting, told Immunologist, Clinical Diagnostic Center “Medincenter” (branch of GlavUpDK under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia) Yulia Minevich.

As the specialist noted, it is impossible to drink alcohol at elevated body temperature. Hot drinks can lead to a weakened immune system, as well as hinder the recovery process. In addition, antiviral, antimicrobial and antipyretic drugs are incompatible with alcohol.

Hot drinks, including coffee, are also contraindicated for use in acute respiratory infections, when the temperature most often rises. Caffeine causes dehydration and heats up the body even more. It is recommended to replace coffee in your diet with warm fruit drinks and herbal teas until recovery.


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