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There are different opinions as to whether it is worth thoroughly washing all parts of the body every day with detergents. Some say that it dries and irritates the skin, since soaps, shampoos, gels, due to their chemical composition, wash off the protective layer from the surface of the skin. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash yourself completely if you were in clothes and “didn’t get dirty”. Others insist that without washing, harmful bacteria multiply on the skin anyway, which provokes infections, not to mention an unpleasant smell.

Is it necessary to take a shower every day? How to protect the skin from excessive irritation with detergents? She shared her opinion with doctor-dermatologist AO “Medicina” Angelina Tonu.

Should you shower every day?

To wash all parts of the body daily or not to wash, each person decides for himself.

Of course, daily washing with irritants – especially such delicate places as the armpits, inguinal region, including the intimate one – will eventually affect the condition of the skin and mucous membranes. Dryness, irritation, dermatitis will appear, various infections will join – fungal, bacterial.

However, if you use high-quality products purchased at a pharmacy and selected according to your skin type, and after a shower apply a regenerating cream, then there will be no problem with the skin.

Now a lot of products have been developed, special shampoos for daily washing of the skin, scalp. Everyone can choose what suits him personally.

Do I need to use any products after washing my hair?

After using the shampoo, you can use various serums to grow and strengthen hair, moisturize the skin, or vice versa – to suppress the secretion of the sebaceous glands. It is also possible to use hair masks that do not affect the smooth scalp. This is all perfectly acceptable to do daily. And here, too, each person individually selects a remedy for himself – a mask or hair conditioner.

What places should definitely be washed at least once a day?

The skin of the hands and feet, armpits need to be washed, of course, daily. After that, it is advisable to apply the cream on both the legs and the hands.

How to wash intimate parts of the body?

Care for the intimate parts of the body is, first of all, washing with water after urination. After the act of defecation, it is better to use detergents designed specifically for intimate hygiene. Each medical cosmetics has a special line for such purposes.


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