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Usually, when people talk about cooling in the heat, they mean air conditioners and fans. And if they are not? In this case, various improvised methods come into play – a cool shower, ice drinks, and even sleeping on the floor. But how safe are they all and which of them can be adopted and which not? About it told Candidate of Medical Sciences, otorhinolaryngologist of the highest qualification category Vladimir Zaitsev.

Cold drinks

The idea is good. This is due to the peculiarities of the heat transfer mechanism. In humans, oddly enough, the coolant is the stomach. And when a person drinks water – the only condition: it should not be icy – he cools down. If he drinks ice water, he risks getting unexpected effects. After all, it will sharply supercool the gastric mucosa, because they are just as warm as the whole body as a whole.

If the water is cool, at a comfortable temperature, and the person is still in a stuffy room, then after drinking such water, he will sweat sharply, the water will come out through the pores, and immediately there will be a feeling that it has become incredibly good.

Do not crush ice. When choosing the best drinks, you should pay attention to sugary options – for example, pomegranate juice. This is due to the fact that it does not provoke great thirst. But sweet juices in the heat – apple, cherry, grape – are not suitable. It is better to opt for weak cool green tea, you can supplement it with a slice of lemon.

Cold shower and bath

It would seem obvious – if you want to cool off, take a cold shower. In fact, everything is not so clear. In no case should you take a cold shower or bath in the heat. On the contrary, you need to take as hot as possible, while the skin tolerates (naturally, not to the point of burning), a shower. Excess heat is created, and in such conditions, when going outside in the heat, a person will feel cool. In the south, this cooling option is practiced regularly.

Use ice cream

This is also, at first glance, a rather logical ice cream – cold ice cream in the heat will create the necessary temperature drop. In fact, it’s a mistake.

Ice cream is primarily a treat, not a way to cool off. Yes, it can lower the degree a little, but then you will want more and more, since everything sweet requires additional sweetness. In addition, ideally, ice cream should be eaten thawed so as not to harm the throat. And I don’t want to wait half an hour until it disperses a little, and there is not always time.

Sleep on the floor

It is believed that during a hot period of time it is worth moving to the floor, since hot air usually rises, and more coolness remains from below. Plus, the floor will be cold, as it is concrete, tiled, etc.

Yes, it is quite possible to sleep on the floor, but it’s not easy to take it and crawl out of bed on it and lie down on the floor itself or on the rug. This is fraught with pain in the back, neck, as well as the risk of hypothermia. It is best to take the mattress from the bed and lower it to the floor, and already sleep.

Cool feet in a basin of ice water or ice

No, you absolutely can’t do that. A person has thermoreceptors that are sensitive to temperature and provide individual tolerance. So, for example, for a person in clothes, the temperature outside is 18-20 degrees, for a person with a minimum of clothes, for example, in shorts and a T-shirt, this temperature will be within 25 degrees. And when the temperature is higher, they already become uncomfortable. The body tenses up, metabolic processes intensify, and at this moment immunity decreases. The body becomes wary and reacts inadequately to some drastic actions.

If a person does not tolerate even a small increase, immersing his feet in ice water is simply dangerous for him. It will begin to grab the throat, then the nasopharynx will become inflamed, the next step will develop sinusitis.

To feel comfortable in the heat, you need to wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics, which does not fit the body, but flows and cools. A hat is also required. And do not ignore such an accessory as an umbrella. Even a rain umbrella will do. This will make you feel as comfortable as possible in the summer heat.


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