Hydration: benefits of drinking water

Do you know the benefits of drinking water? It may even seem like a simple habit, to quench thirst during physical exercise or to help food go down after a meal, but ingesting the ideal amount of this precious liquid per day, according to your body weight, it can bring a number of benefits to the body’s health, such as helping with weight loss, improving intestinal health and increasing the quality of life.

Therefore, if you are not used to drinking water, it is time to review this attitude – and to benefit from the advantages that adequate hydration of the body can provide you! Ah, it is also important to make an alert about the other side, about the harm that the lack of water can bring: this bad habit does not only cause dehydrationbut a whole functional and metabolic imbalance capable of penalizing all the cells in the body.

In order to better understand the importance of water for the human body and the consequences of its lack, the Care for Life team interviewed general practitioner Roberto Debski. Look what he said!


What is hydration? How many liters of water should I drink a day?


Hydration is a fundamental pillar to keep our organism healthy, as it is composed of 60% water. Intake of this liquid helps eliminate toxins, regulate body temperature, keep all organs working well, prevent constipation and kidney problems, in addition to many other advantages. But to get all these benefits, just one glass throughout the day is not enough. You need to drink plenty of water, as Dr. Roberto: “We need to have an adequate level of hydration, ingest fluids in adequate quantities, through water, juice, teas and fruits, which are foods that also have plenty of liquid in general”.


That said, a lot of people usually carry the same doubt: How many liters of water should I drink a day? The answer to this question depends a lot on each person, as the ideal amount of water we should drink varies according to our weight. On average, an adult should ingest 35 milliliters per kilogram. That is, you must multiply your weight by 0.035 to find out the average amount of water that should be ingested. A simple account, but essential to prevent dehydration.


Dr. Roberto reveals some points of attention that indicate the need to drink more water: “The quality of the skin, the mucous membranes, the tongue must be observed and if there is a feeling of tiredness and malaise”. Another important point is to notice the color of the pee. “When the urine is more yellowish, more concentrated, it shows that we are dehydrating, losing fluids. A very light yellow urine, very soft, shows that we are ingesting the adequate amount”, explains the general practitioner.


Discover 5 benefits of hydration for the health of the body


  1. Improves blood circulation


A child hydration and adult transforms our body into a real functional machine. Among the biggest benefits of drinking good amounts of water throughout the day is the improvement of blood circulation, thanks to the increase in blood volume in the body. With this optimization, we were able to improve both venous and arterial function. Amazing, right?!


  1. Prevents fluid retention


Body swelling can mean that your body is suffering from a lack of water. Keeping the body well hydrated, drinking plenty of water every day, it is possible to eliminate excess sodium from the body, capable of causing fluid retention – a problem that causes, for example, increased cellulitis and intestinal discomfort.


  1. Helps prevent cramps


Our body can suffer from cramps more often when not properly hydrated, did you know? This happens because the muscles do not receive the ideal amount of water to function properly. As a consequence, they contract involuntarily and painfully. To prevent this problem from happening, especially during a physical exercise, pay attention to water intake throughout the day.


  1. Helps to get rid of constipation


Stuck intestine is one of the symptoms of the body’s lack of hydration. Drinking water, juices, eating fruits and foods full of fiber help to lubricate the intestinal walls and improve the texture of the stool, preventing constipation, hemorrhoids and gas formation.


  1. Eliminates toxins from the body


Want to do a detox? The tip is: drink plenty of water during the day. Hydration eliminates all toxins retained in the body, cleaning the organism even before receiving new food. If you want to optimize this process, try drinking lemon water on an empty stomach every morning.


Know the symptoms of dehydration


  • Feel very thirsty; 
  • constipation; 
  • decreased sweating; 
  • dry and dull skin; 
  • pee little throughout the day; 
  • more concentrated and yellowish urine; 
  • dry mouth sensation; 
  • increased body temperature; 
  • fever condition.


In more severe cases, Dr. Roberto warns of the following symptoms: “Body aches, lowering of consciousness, even coma and death may appear in severe cases, especially in more debilitated people, small children and the elderly”. So keep your body hydrated by drinking the correct amount of water per day. Take good care of your health and live longer and better!

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