How to train the outer thigh muscles?

Train i muscles of the outer thigh in a manner”selective” almost always has goals of nature aesthetics.

Less frequentlyupgrading this district plays a role preventive o rehabilitation.

From the point of view helpful-sportyinstead, training isolated of the outer thigh usually leaves the time it finds.

In this short article we will try to understand better how to train the outer thigh muscles in the perspective of bodybuilding amateur – that is, training intended for aesthetic culture.

Why train the outer thigh muscles?

Pay attention to how you train, because you could get the opposite effect

If you are reading this paragraph because you intend to dry or slim down the inner thigh, you are making a mistake!

Il slimming it is in fact the result of a negative caloric balanceimposed by low calorie diet compared to the total energy requirement.

Furthermore, it is physiologically impossible localized weight lossregardless of how we train and what we eat. This is because the deposit and removal of lipid stocks in adipose tissue follows a completely different logic, influenced by hormones, receptors and genetics.

With specific training we can make the inner thigh more resistant, forte e “voluminous” (which would then be the opposite of what we wanted), but we certainly won’t get any slimming effect.

Use: mind you, even training him with high repetitions or with aerobic protocols, absolutely nothing changes.

What are the muscles of the outer thigh and what are they for

For many – though wrongly The outer thigh muscles are made up of abductorthat is to say:

That’s why, even today, the most popular training protocols for the outer thigh are (Unfortunately) focus on the hip abduction movement.

That said, it should be noted that the only muscle of the three mentioned that is actually located on the outside of the thigh is the tensor fascia latae. The gluteus medius and minimus are located higher up in the gluteal region.

Therefore, assiduously train the abductors in an attempt to bulk up this area It makes no sense!

Rather, it would be smart to focus on boosting the quadriceps femorissince it is precisely the vastus lateralis to give greater volume to the outer thigh.

How to train the outer thigh muscles?

How to widen the thigh?

To widen the thigh muscles it is inevitable to have to try the resistance training con overloads.

The elite exercises are those aimed at strengthening the quadriceps femoris; typically squat, ground clearance, leg press, you lunge, Bulgarian squat ecc.

A suitable protocol for strengthening the thighs and glutes could include:

  • Train the district 2 times per weekwith 1 primary training + 1 secondary, or dividing the training load in 50/50, and 2-3 recovery days between sessions;
  • In the tab put at least 2 exercises multi-articular (one per training day) to be performed in a manner heavysuch as sumo-style back squats and deadlifts; 3 serie for exercise they may suffice; the intensity must be very high, at least the80-85% 1RM; he Time Under Tension it’s normal; the number of repetitions basso (4-6) e without arrive at subsidence muscle (RPE 7 or buffer 3, for example); The recovery between series is always total;
  • Also enter approx 1-2 exercises complementary (per session), eg leg-press, hip-thrust, hack squat, lunge, Bulgarian squat etc.; 3 set from about 8-10 rep they can suffice, with TUT higher than the previous ones and an average fatigue (RPE 8-9 or buffer 2-1, for example); the recoveries may be slightly lower (2’00”-2’30”);
  • Also add 1-2 exercises finisher (per session), you are at leg-extension, leg-curl, gluteus-machine, abductor machine, adductor machine etc.; 3 set from about 10-12 rep they can be enough, with high TUTs and fatigue that reaches muscle failure; the recoveries may be low (1’30”-2’00”).

How to train the abductors?

While on the one hand the role of the outer thigh is essential for certain fine and complex movements, on the other, if isolatedthey express limited levels Of forza – also due to the not too impressive size.

It being understood that, in the athletic field, their importance depends very much on the discipline we intend to train – in skating, for example, they are fundamental – the best way to strengthen and hypertrophy them remains the practice of multi-joint exercises.

The use of the resistance band (elastic) place between the knees It’s a great way to emphasize the abductor stimulus during certain multi-joint exercises, such as the squat and hip-thrust.

Mostly for “preparatory” purposes – as in the early stages of general conditioning – or secondarily to increase training volume – can prove useful isotonic machines like theabductor machineThe leaps to the cables or with anklets and similar.


  1. Training the outer thigh does not lose weight on the outer thigh; on the contrary, you increase the volume;
  2. Outer thigh and abductor are not synonymous;
  3. To train the outer thigh it is necessary to focus on exercises that mainly stimulate the quadriceps;
  4. To train the abductors, however, it is essential to place greater emphasis on heavy multi-joints, and complete everything with complementary and isolation.


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