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The feeling of mucus flowing down the back of the throat is familiar to many. In the morning, against this background, many literally cough, as it accumulates overnight, at lunch the mucus unpleasantly irritates the throat – you have to constantly expectorate and spit it out. This condition is called post-nasal drip and is considered a fairly common complaint today. Is it possible to get rid of such a problem or will you have to put up with it, told Candidate of Medical Sciences, otorhinolaryngologist of the highest category Vladimir Zaitsev.

The main difficulty in treating such a condition lies in the fact that the flow itself is not fatal and dangerous. In fact, this is akin to a certain discomfort for a person: yes, outwardly it does not look very good when a person constantly spits around, but does not threaten life. Because not everyone goes to the doctor to get rid of the problem. And only a specialist can help here. After all, even improvised means used independently are ineffective.

It is not difficult to recognize such a pathology in yourself. It is enough to open your mouth wide in front of the mirror. There, in the depths, in the throat area, a thin stream will be clearly visible.

Why does the problem appear?

The flow of mucus down the throat on an ongoing basis appears for a number of reasons. One of them is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, that is, an inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses, which they cannot cope with, mucus comes out of them and begins to flow.

Another cause may be rhinitis – chronic or prolonged. The lower or middle nasal conchas begin to inflame, which produce excess mucus.

The third reason may be adenoids. Also, formations in the nose, such as polyps or a deviated septum, can lead to problems.

Understanding that a person has postnasal drip is easy even without a mirror. Mucus, constantly flowing along the back wall, irritates the throat, and there is a regular desire to spit it, expectorate it. At worst – swallow.

How to treat?

Many prefer to suffer for years. Although there is a cure. And it will help to forget about such an unpleasant symptom quite quickly and effectively.

One of the main methods is washing. Vacuum drainage is used as the main one, it is also the “cuckoo” better known to the people. You can also additionally wash your nose at home with saline solutions. The only thing you need to carefully monitor is that the salt concentration is small. Otherwise, there is a risk of overdrying the mucous membrane and further aggravating the problem. The same method is usually used when washing the turbinates and palatine tonsils.

In addition, additional emollient therapy is required, because the mucosa of the posterior pharyngeal wall is pronouncedly irritated.

Naturally, a visit to the doctor is mandatory, without which the “cuckoo” is impossible. The specialist will make the right appointments, offer antiseptic solutions for the posterior pharyngeal wall and irrigation based on them.

Oil solutions are connected in the treatment of postnasal drip – they can be either dripped so that they flow down the back wall, softening it, or splashed so that the coverage area is larger.

And the therapeutic list also includes drugs for vitaminization of the posterior pharyngeal wall. This will strengthen local immunity for more effective protection against inflammation.

If necessary, the doctor also suggests corticosteroid hormones. This helps to relieve inflammation in the nasal cavity, but not everyone needs it.

The principle is simple – everything is aimed at reducing inflammation and eliminating edema. Once the swelling is gone, mucus will be produced in normal amounts and won’t constantly run down the throat.

Particular attention is paid in therapy to the allergic component, which leads to the development of postnasal drip. Flowering is not always the cause. There may be excessive production of mucus in response to an allergen in food, household chemicals, perfumes, animal hair, sometimes it is an occupational hazard. Here, first you need to eliminate the cause that caused the problem, that is, remove the allergen.

So do not think that the situation is hopeless and you can’t get rid of such a streak, so you have to endure it all your life. It is important to understand that although it does not threaten health, it significantly worsens the quality of life. Eliminating it is not so difficult – the main desire and the first step in the form of a consultation with a doctor.


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