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Heart failure is one of the formidable pathologies. And, of course, many would like to recognize it in the early stages. On what grounds can it be identified? Alexander Myasnikov on the air of the program “About the most important”.

Usually, when there is a conversation about heart failure, they mean symptoms such as shortness of breath on exertion, fatigue, swelling of the legs, and weight gain. In fact, said Dr. Myasnikov, these are already symptoms of severe heart failure. And if you wait for such a development of the situation, it will be quite difficult for doctors to do something.

The doctor explained that American doctors have such a system for assessing heart failure. If a young woman who is outwardly healthy gets to see a cardiologist, nothing worries her, then the specialist can still be wary. Risk factors for the development of heart failure are:

  • smoking;
  • overweight;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • increase in sugar;
  • kidney failure.

“The cardiologist takes a healthy woman, does an ultrasound, nothing bothers her, there are no structural changes on the ultrasound, but then she says: I smoke a little, I have pressure, but I don’t measure it, my mother had a heart attack. And for the doctor, this young woman becomes a patient with heart failure of the 1st degree. And the doctor begins to actively fight for her – he forces her to quit smoking, normalizes her sugar and cholesterol levels, and counts how much liquid she drinks. The second degree is when there are also no special symptoms, but there are risk factors and there are already some changes on ultrasound, for example, thickening of the interventricular septum, ”explained Alexander Myasnikov.

As soon as symptoms appear, this is already the third degree. “It is important to understand that shortness of breath as a symptom of insufficiency will be different. Normally, everyone has shortness of breath – try to go up to the fifth floor: there will be shortness of breath and a pulse of 120. But for a healthy person, this will pass in a few minutes, ”Myasnikov warned.

Edema in heart failure appears, as the heart fails, it does not pump so much, and in a large circle, when the blood stagnates and sweats. Suffocation is noted with pulmonary edema, when water accumulates in them. And this is already a severe degree of heart failure.

“If the heart contracts weakly, it begins to expand, it does not have enough strength to pump, pumping power suffers. It happens that the heart is thickened with hypertension. And the thick muscle quickly clogs up and cannot relax, ”Myasnikov explained.

As a rule, a person leads himself to such a situation for years when he is not examined and at the same time has several risk factors. “Vessels become clogged, a micro-micro heart attack occurs, a muscle that is not supplied with blood begins to weaken. And although there were no real heart attacks, micro-micro scars appear on the muscle, the heart slowly expands, sometimes it comes to a heart transplant, ”the doctor warned. And in order not to face this, you need to normalize your life and monitor your health.

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