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Social media users are spreading messages about the deadly threat of the new Delta coronavirus strain. According to users, the virus is much more dangerous than the first variants, because it enters directly into the lungs without lingering in the nasopharynx. When describing the symptoms of coronavirus, they indicate widespread pain in the throat, joints, headache, as well as the absence of characteristic fever and cough. At the same time, “delta” is not a new virus: the first mentions of it in Russia were recorded in the spring of 2021, and already in 2022 it was replaced by the “omicron” strain. The fact that users are sending out fake information not only about the novelty, but also about the severity of the delta strain, has figured out together with the resource for exposing false information “Noodles Media”.

What are the symptoms and consequences of coronavirus type “delta”?

Physician-therapist Mirzemagamedova Kevser Sirazhiddinovna explained to that the delta strain, unlike others, is highly contagious, but manifests itself in the form of familiar flu-like symptoms. The doctor named the speed of spread of the new disease as the main danger. In addition, the virus can cause severe thickening of the blood, disruption of the patency of blood vessels in the extremities, and the penetration of more virus particles into the respiratory tract. At the same time, the expert does not talk about a higher probability of mortality from the new strain – there is no scientific evidence for this.

The World Health Organization has placed “delta” on the same level as previously known strains, declaring that the developed vaccines are quite effective against the new virus.



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