The Private Sector Roundtable (PSRT) is a coalition of companies that acts as a central touchpoint for industry engagement to support countries in achieving the goals of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA). Our mission is to mobilize industry to help countries prevent, detect, respond to and prepare for health crises, while strengthening the health infrastructure. We do this by leveraging private sector insights, resources, and capacity to address specific health and development risks and vulnerabilities; using private sector expertise to help countries make the business case for greater investments in health; and supporting policies that advance achievement of GHSA, UHC, and the SDGS.

Our membership includes companies from across sectors, including health, data and technology, supply chain and logistics, energy, and communications. We continue to engage more organizations with diverse expertise to ensure a more holistic response from the private sector. As of 2019, the PSRT is a member of the GHSA Steering Group, furthering our collaborations with GHSA countries and partners in pursuit of our shared goals to strengthen health security.  

If you represent a private sector company interested in joining the PSRT, email to learn more.

The PSRT’s activities are based on areas of need for GHSA countries, as well as PSRT member capabilities and interests. The PSRT has identified cross-cutting areas aligned with the GHSA where member companies are uniquely positioned to contribute their private sector expertise and resources, including: