The Workforce Development Action Package’s target is for one trained field epidemiologist per 200,000 population, and one trained veterinarian per 400,000 animal units (or per 500,000 population), who can systematically cooperate to meet relevant IHR and PVS core competencies in the countries. A workforce including physicians, veterinarians, biostatisticians, laboratory scientists, farming/livestock professionals.


This Action Package seeks to develop a strategic approach for mobilizing resources to achieve sustainable financing for preparedness at the country, regional, and global levels.

Strategic Objectives

  • Engage relevant stakeholders to take joint action
  • Build on efforts to facilitate mobilization of resources for implementing country NAPHS
  • Galvanize high-level awareness and support

Country Commitments

Contributing Countries: Australia, Finland, Italy, Norway Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States

Contributing International and Non-Government Organizations: World Health Organization, World Bank, GHSA Consortium, Private Sector Round Table