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Dark circles under the eyes are often associated with poor quality sleep and lack of oxygen. In fact, there are more reasons for their appearance and some are extremely dangerous. What you need to know if your eyes have turned blue, aif.ru said dermatologist, trichologist, cosmetologist Tatyana Egorova.

Why do they arise?

You should not ignore the appearance of dark circles in the eye area, as they can be caused by conditions such as:

  • hypoxia (lack of oxygen) of tissues due to anemia (there are different types of anemia, and the specific option must be determined by a doctor);
  • heart or kidney problems;
  • bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • problem with fenestrated capillaries.

In the first three cases, we are talking about insufficient oxygen supply to the body, which causes the tissue to turn blue. For example, many people know that problems with the heart and blood vessels, as well as breathing, can be manifested by blueness of the nasolabial triangle.

Fenestrated capillaries are those capillaries that have mini openings, sometimes called windows. They actively participate in gas exchange, and if something goes wrong, oxygen delivery begins to fail. The tissues in the eye area are thin, the vessels underneath are blue, so a characteristic shade appears.

Taking certain medications, problems with the digestive system, and other factors can also affect the appearance of blue circles under the eyes.

How to fight?

You need to see a doctor and look for the cause of this phenomenon. Depending on it, decide. As for the available methods that will help minimize the consequences, you can include the use of patches, various lotions such as compresses, and the application of tea discs. Such measures are usually aimed at improving lymph flow and will help relieve tissue swelling. And this will be good for the overall improvement of the situation. But still, the main problem that caused the appearance of dark circles must be solved.

If the dark circles are too pronounced, you can try using an injection with a special filler – it is injected into the nasolacrimal groove. The drug used is one that is enriched with vitamins and microelements to nourish and tighten the skin. This measure will mask the defect and also improve tissue nutrition. It is important to understand that the decision to use such a filler is made by the doctor, since it is not suitable for everyone.

Of course, you should pay special attention to walks in the fresh air so that the body receives enough oxygen. In addition, you should definitely undergo a medical examination if circles appear under the eyes, because they can indicate serious and sometimes life-threatening conditions, and it is better to get a diagnosis and begin timely treatment to prevent complications.

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