High cholesterol? Discover foods to lower cholesterol!

Having high cholesterol is a reality in many people’s lives. This problem can develop from a series of bad habits, such as a diet full of ultra-processed foods and the sedentary lifestyle, and can seriously harm your health. Therefore, a question frequently asked to doctors is: how to lower cholesterol? The first step is to adopt a healthy diet, followed by lifestyle changes and, of course, follow-up with a cardiologist, who will put together a complete and specific plan of action for your case.

To help you turn this game around, Care for Life talked to cardiologist Bruna Baptistini, who recommended a list of foods to download bad cholesterol, in addition to other important tips that will help treat this problem. Check out what are the main guidelines of a health professional for proper treatment!

Know some foods to lower cholesterol

If you already want to start an action plan to lower bad cholesterol levels, the tip is to have a food routine with healthier habits, giving priority, for example, to foods that increase good cholesterol. Dr. Bruna lists the most recommended ingredients for this case: “Flavonoids are polyphenolic antioxidants found in foods, mainly in vegetables, fruits (cherries, blackberries, grapes, strawberries, jabuticaba), grains, seeds, nuts, spices and herbs, and also in drinks like wine, grape juice and tea”. In addition to these, we can also mention:

– oat: assists in reducing cholesterol absorption in the intestine;

– avocado: contains healthy fats that help increase good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL);

fish rich in omega-3: salmon, sardines and trout are examples of fish that help reduce cholesterol and protect the proper functioning of the heart;

– tea to lower high cholesterol: mate tea, turmeric tea and green tea are excellent choices for lowering bad cholesterol levels;

juice to lower cholesterol: natural fruits, such as oranges, grapes and pomegranates, are rich in antioxidants and fiber, being perfect for lowering high cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol-raising foods that should be avoided


The foods that should be avoided by people with high cholesterol are, basically, those that have saturated fat and trans fat, as the cardiologist explains: “To reduce the intake of cholesterol, one should reduce the consumption of animal foods, in especially viscera, whole milk and its derivatives, sausages, cold cuts, poultry skin and seafood (shrimp, oysters, shellfish, octopus, lobster)”. If you want to get rid of bad cholesterol, try to avoid excessive consumption of the foods on this list.

Diet for high cholesterol: know the benefits of a healthy diet


In addition to contributing to the reduction of high cholesterol, a balanced diet helps control body weight, which is essential to prevent cardiovascular problems. Dr. Bruna usually recommends to her patients to the DASH dietDietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, which means dietary approach to interrupt hypertension and is “characterized by the adoption of a dietary habit with high amounts of fruits and vegetables, high consumption of calcium (milk and derivatives), in addition to a reduced consumption of saturated fat”. This style of diet is also super indicated for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Important tips for treating high cholesterol

In addition to adopting a high cholesterol diet, the patient needs to put into practice habits that increase longevity and put aside everything that is bad for health. Therefore, it is necessary:

Practice physical exercises regularly, as they have the power to raise good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol;

– give up the habit of smoking, since smoking reduces good cholesterol and increases bad cholesterol, further aggravating the condition.

It is worth remembering that, for an effective treatment, it is essential to strictly follow medical guidelines and perform periodic tests to monitor cholesterol levels.

Not treating high cholesterol puts your health in danger


If you have high cholesterol and have been avoiding starting treatment, know that the consequences are serious. According to the expert, mortality from coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death in the country and, according to scientific evidence, high cholesterol is considered the major modifiable risk factor for this condition. “Therefore, reductions in high cholesterol, especially in LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, through lifestyle changes and medication, have great benefits in reducing cardiovascular disease,” he warned. Want to escape this statistic? Look for a cardiologist and start the cholesterol reduction process now.

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