Health alert in the Basque Country for a suspected case of Ebola

This morning, a 54-year-old woman entered the Hospital Universitario Donostia de Osakidetza with symptoms compatible with ebola. She is a Basque anthropologist who has recently traveled to Central African Republic. Osakidetza-Basque Health Service has activated the ebola protocol that launches the special resources of “high security and isolation” before “the suspicion of a case of hemorrhagic fever”.

He ebola a serious infectious disease with a high mortality rate, since around 50% of those infected die and much more lethal outbreaks have occurred in Africa, and which manifests itself with symptoms such as high fever and severe sore throat, head and muscles , nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, in addition to altering the functions of the liver and kidneys. It is also known as hemorrhagic fever because some patients may experience internal and external bleeding.

“The Osakidetza team of professionals has implemented the device and protocol in less than 24 hours in order to offer the best care to the person coming from the Central African Republic, guaranteeing their isolation and safety, as well as that of the professional team that he attends to you ”, they have reported from the Ministry of Health of the Basque Country.

The last Ebola outbreak occurred in Uganda between September 2022 and last January

The woman is admitted to the High Biological Safety Unit of the Donostia University Hospital, one of the seven hospitals in Spain that has a unit with special high-security and isolation resources for the treatment of serious infectious diseases. The samples that have been taken from the patient will be sent today to the reference laboratory of the National Center for Microbiology, which will have the results in approximately 24 hours.

According to Osakidetza it is improbable that the woman has contracted the Ebola virus, since there is currently no declared outbreak of the disease, according to the World Health Organization. The latest Ebola outbreak occurred in Uganda between September 2022 and last January, killing 55 people.


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