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The situation is familiar: it’s already midnight and even deep into the night, and a person is rushing about in bed and can’t sleep at all. The reason for this is bad disturbing thoughts. Why do they not let you fall asleep and how to deal with them, aif.ru told Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor, Psychoanalyst, Clinical Psychologist of the highest qualification category, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Somnologist Aleksey Melekhin.

This condition is called anxious or depressive ruminations. This word is translated from French “chewing gum”. Anxious or depressive ruminations that occur before sleep cause the nervous system to be in cognitive hyperexcitation, the “emptiness”, “something needs to be done”, “lack”, “loneliness”, “something has not finished” mode is turned on. “. As a result, the nervous system begins to think that it is not necessary to sleep, that it is not safe around. In addition to cognitive hyperexcitation, when it is impossible to stop thoughts, there is a feeling that anxiety rises, there is also somatic hyperexcitation. Thoughts lead to the appearance of bodily sensations: heart palpitations, itching, redness, and others. Someone begins to toss and turn, someone shows cheerfulness, a cat lies in bed without sleep for a long time. The person becomes flooded with emotions and thoughts.

In many ways, this appearance of thoughts is due to the fact that most people try not to deal with their emotions and experiences. They are constantly running, do not understand what is happening to them. And when they get into bed, when they are finally on their own, they have questions, ideas, worries, and people don’t know what to do with it. You need to understand that not even thoughts prevent you from falling asleep, because everyone has them. Here emotions and thoughts begin to flood a person, and he does not know what to do. When a person really sees this, cannot stop these thoughts, or they become important and real, as a result, a person does not understand what is happening and what this cognitive garbage in his head means. And it’s just the nervous system is cleared and unloaded in this way. The man is not used to it.

As for the question: how to deal with this, it is important to understand that everything is very individual. A specialist consultation is required to help a person assess the nature of these experiences – whether they are anxious or depressive, or even obsessive, or maybe this is self-suppression or self-sabotage. Therefore, the first thing you need to deal with is what kind of thoughts are actualized before going to bed and what you put pressure on yourself. It is also worth learning to perceive thoughts as just thoughts with which nothing needs to be done. And then everyone is offered recommendations for his request and needs.

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