Steering group

The GHSA is governed by a Steering Group comprised of approximately 15 countries, international organizations, and/or non-governmental stakeholders. The primary role of the Steering Group is to provide strategic guidance and direction, including identifying overall GHSA priorities, tracking of progress and commitments, and facilitation of target-driven multi-sectoral coordination and communication among GHSA members.

Permanent Steering Group Members (2019 – 2023)

Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea, Senegal, Thailand, United States, GHSA Consortium (GHSAC), Private Sector Round Table (PSRT)

Rotating Steering Group Members (2019 – 2021)

Argentina, Australia, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Pakistan, World Bank


The Steering Group is headed by a Chair that rotates annually. The primary responsibilities of the GHSA Chair are to organize Steering Group and GHSA-wide meetings and to lead the Steering Group in consultations to review and reaffirm the GHSA 5-Year Roadmap and to guide GHSA in efforts going forward.  

The GHSA Chair for 2021 is Thailand.

permanent advisors

In order to facilitate GHSA alignment with multilateral health security efforts, the GHSA receives advice and guidance from multiple multilateral organizations. These organizations, which include  WHO, FAO and OIE, hold the role of Permanent Advisor. 

Action Packages

Action Packages are multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral working groups that focus attention towards specific GHSA objectives and targets. These working groups provide a mechanism by which GHSA members can make concrete commitments and take leadership roles in GHSA. There are currently seven Action Packages. For more information, please visit our ‘Action Packages’ page.

task forces

Time-limited Task Forces are established by the Steering Group to focus on specific issues in order to support the GHSA in achieving its high-level strategic objectives. Task Forces will work by drawing together interested GHSA members and may be renewed at the end of their predetermined mandate if necessary.  

Currently, there are three time-limited Task Forces: (1) Multi-Sectoral Stakeholder Engagement, (2) Accountability and Results, and (3) Advocacy and Communications. There is also a permanent Task Force, the Action Package Working Group Coordination Task Force, that is charged with updating the Steering Group on Action Package activities and progress and making sure that the Action Packages remain focused on furthering GHSA’s primary objectives and core principles.