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Cardiovascular diseases claim millions of lives on the planet every year. They are considered the first on the list of causes of mortality in the population. At the same time, such pathologies Today they are well under control, and it is quite possible to live fully with them. However, patients make many mistakes that cost them both health and life. Dr. Alexander Myasnikov on the air of the program “About the Most Important Thing” he highlighted the main ones.

The first mistake: not changing your lifestyle, because the person is already being treated with drugs

“People are strange. In fact, a diagnosis always implies a cure. But medicine is just medicine. If you don’t change your lifestyle, nothing good will come of it. If I ask you what risk factors there are, you will name them. “You know all this,” the doctor noted.

Risk factors include:

  • stress;
  • smoking;
  • increased weight;
  • high cholesterol and others.

“So, you need to quit smoking, lose weight, buy sneakers and move, or at least not use the elevator, but go up the stairs to the floor, check your cholesterol. We are talking about polyunsaturated acids, half a kilogram of vegetables and fruits, nuts, which are good for everyone and even reduce cholesterol, we advise you to throw away the salt shaker. But who does it? You know everything perfectly well, but you don’t do it,” Myasnikov noted.

Mistake two: not seeing a doctor

It also often seems that if a person takes medications and does not have any pain, then he does not need to go to the doctor. “Every person with heart disease should take beta blockers, aspirin, most likely converting enzyme inhibitors. This is such a stamp. After all, if a person accepts all this, mortality is reduced. But the doctor is not a magician and cannot write out everything for life,” said the doctor.

A jump into cold water in the heat can amaze not only the imagination of onlookers, but also the heart of a person unprepared for such experiments.

Alexander Myasnikov noted that there is a law: to go to the doctor if you have hypertension, angina pectoris, or a history of a heart attack – once every three months. Somewhere such meetings take place in person, somewhere in absentia. Contacts between doctor and patient via chat are also gaining popularity once every three months. “But if something happens, you need to contact us immediately. For example, a person has stents, and suddenly he has chest pain, he should immediately go to the doctor, because this implies that the stent is clogged, you can’t wait,” the doctor explained. Therefore, regular monitoring by a cardiologist is mandatory.

Mistake three: stopping taking medications when you feel better

According to official statistics cited by Alexander Myasnikov, 25% of people simply do not take prescribed medications. It’s not even a matter of money, since medications for heart disease are on the list of vitally important drugs, but only because they don’t want to. “Nothing hurts me, why would I drink, my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, why drink. And then, if you don’t take it, then in a month your cholesterol will be higher than it was, your blood pressure will get out of control and will always be higher than the original level,” Myasnikov said. So you have to take the pills constantly. Moreover, if you have already brought yourself to a situation where you can’t live without them – for 20-30 years of active life you smoked, ate incorrectly, and sat a lot. And now we need to do something to live normally, the doctor summed up.

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