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What is the best way to eat barbecue, so that it is tasty, but at the same time healthy? It’s no secret that everything cooked on charcoal contains very harmful substances.

Due to the high temperature of cooking, such dishes contain a lot of carcinogens. For example, heterocyclic amines (HA), lipid peroxidation products, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have been found in barbecue and other barbecues.

Love conquers fear and knowledge kills harm

From the name of these carcinogens, the blood runs cold, but the love of shish kebab conquers fear. And fortunately, their effect can be greatly reduced with the right products. This has been confirmed even in a number of serious scientific studies. Ironically, they are delicious and pair perfectly with meat. Moreover, we have been preparing many of them for barbecue for a long time.

Experts recommend starting to prepare for a picnic 1-2 days in advance by increasing the number of dishes made from vegetables of the cabbage family in the diet. These are radish, radish, daikon, Peking salad and any other types of cabbage. They contain substances that activate enzymes that break down HA. During this time, their concentration will increase, and the body will meet these carcinogens fully armed. It is good to eat such vegetables at a picnic.

Bet on green, you won’t lose

“In addition to cabbage, the consumption of barbecue and meat in general should always be accompanied by a large amount of any greenery,” advises Candidate of Medical Sciences, General Practitioner and Gastroenterologist Konstantin Spakhov. “This is a classic accompaniment to grilled meats. But only recently, scientists have proven that greens block the negative effect of heme, which gives red color to meat and blood. Hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the body, is named after him (this gas binds precisely to heme). When heme is digested, toxic substances are formed that contribute to the development of colon cancer. Largely because of this, even ordinary meat was recognized as a carcinogen in 2015. So it turned out that there is a substance whose chemical formula is very similar to heme, which can weaken its negative effect. And it is easily recognizable by its green color – it is chlorophyll, which gives the green color and is present in almost all plants.

Edible rainbow against cancer

Antioxidants have another protective effect. It is well proven that they also weaken the action of carcinogens, reducing the risk of developing cancer. Most antioxidants in the same greens, vegetables, fruits and berries. Vegetable salads and side dishes are a traditional accompaniment to barbecue, and scientifically perfect. Be sure to use tomatoes, eggplant, sweet peppers of different colors for cooking. The richer or brighter the color, the more antioxidants in vegetables, fruits and berries. Therefore, children and adults will be very good tomato and other vegetable juices, as well as berry nectars or fruit drinks.

Adults want it hot

Some adults want something even hotter. You need to understand that all strong drinks will be a bad choice. They will only increase the carcinogenic effects of barbecuing. The ideal choice is dry red wine. Its color is provided by antioxidants released from the grape skin into solution during fermentation. In Israel, experiments were conducted in which they proved that such wine begins to block the action of carcinogens already in the stomach.

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