Echoes of English horror. Do psychiatrists check doctors in Russia? | Healthcare | Society

The story of the killer nurse in the UK shocked everyone. People involuntarily began to wonder if there are any mandatory checks by a psychiatrist for medical staff? To reduce the risk of such crimes.

In the UK, a terrible story really happened – a young nurse was sentenced to life imprisonment, she was found guilty of killing 7 premature babies.

She caused serious harm to six more, because of which they became severely disabled and require constant care. The story is just chilling. There may be more such children, four more incidents are under investigation, and they plan to bring charges later.

As for Russian realities, not only doctors, but also all those who carry out “activities for looking after and caring for children”, must undergo a psychiatric examination. This is provided for by order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation N 342N of 2022. For physicians working with a different contingent of patients, this is not required, but de facto in many medical institutions they still go through this in the process of annual medical commissions.

But can such checks be considered immunity against crimes like the murder of babies in England? “I don’t think that such screening examinations by psychiatrists would be effective in revealing hidden pathology,” says member of the Public Council for the Protection of Patients’ Rights under Roszdravnadzor Alexei Starchenko. “To identify such diseases, a forensic psychiatric examination is necessary, this is a deep examination of the suspect in a hospital.”


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