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Abdominal obesity, where most of the fat accumulates around the abdomen, is one of the most common manifestations of excess fat. And it happens that the stomach bulges even without fat deposits, even with proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise – in a word, all the necessary conditions for a good and slender figure. What is the reason? aif.ru told about this plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences Vladimir Zlenko.

There are two main causes of a round, protruding belly: excess fat and weak muscles. Excess fat can be visceral or subcutaneous. Visceral fat is located on the internal organs, that is, in the abdominal cavity, deep behind the muscles. Subcutaneous fat is located directly under the skin, between the skin and muscles.

People who exercise and have a slim body type may also have a round belly. In this case, the reason is not excess fat, but “weakness” of muscles. It is important to understand that “weakness” of muscles is not related to their training. We are talking about the appearance of lines of weakness on the muscles, for example, after childbirth or abdominal surgery. It is impossible to change the condition of these muscles through training or exercise. Often after childbirth, diastasis occurs, that is, the muscles “diverge” along the white line (runs along the middle of the abdomen and connects the muscles). In addition, with diastasis, lengthening of muscle fibers can occur. The result is the same – when relaxed, the stomach becomes rounded.

The appearance of a protruding belly can be associated with one of these reasons, or with all of them at once.

M or F

In men, a protruding belly is often associated with visceral fat. This may not affect the body composition as a whole: with thin legs, arms, and face, there is a protruding belly. In women, belly fat appears less frequently due to visceral fat. Usually the problem is subcutaneous fat or stretched muscles, because muscles are often stretched due to childbirth.

If you can’t pull it in

First of all, it is necessary to accurately determine the cause of the protruding abdomen. To do this, you can contact a plastic surgeon. The reason for the appearance of the abdomen, as well as the condition of the skin in the abdominal area, determines which method will be effective for correcting the figure.

Plastic surgery can work with subcutaneous fat. It is removed using liposuction or lipoabdominoplasty, but the latter technique is only used in the abdominal area and when the skin is stretched. Liposuction is used if there is no stretched, excess skin or muscle problems. As a rule, this is typical for nulliparous women or in cases where the muscles were not damaged after childbirth.

If the muscles are “weak”, the doctor may recommend abdominoplasty – an operation to “suturing” and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

If there are several reasons, then the plastic surgeon takes a comprehensive approach to resolving the issue. However, none of these techniques will help remove visceral fat.

Regular cardio training helps with visceral fat, that is, those aimed at reducing body weight rather than building muscle. The second option is bariatric surgery. However, it is done for certain indications, and it has a large number of restrictions.

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