Death in Kindergarten. How could a child choke on vomit? | Child health | Health

A three-year-old kindergartener died during a daytime nap. According to preliminary data of experts, death came from asphyxia. One of the reasons could be vomiting, which the baby could choke on. Unfortunately, such cases have happened before. How to protect the child from such horror? told about this Professor of the Department of Hospital Therapy, Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogova Alexander Karabinenko.

“Spitting up in children under three years of age normally occurs quite often, and this is not considered a sign of the disease. Therefore, such cases, unfortunately, are not uncommon. You can say more: they happen all the time.

The main preventive measure is to convey this information to parents and caregivers in childcare facilities.

At least during the daytime sleep of the child, they should be on their guard.

Several rules will help to avoid asphyxia, the expert explained:

1. You should not put the child to sleep immediately after eating, when the gastrointestinal tract is actively digesting food. Between the end of the meal and falling asleep should be 20-30 minutes.

2. Posture for breathing should be free. The child should not be allowed to fall asleep with the blanket over his head. Adults should see what happens to the child in a dream.

3. It is advisable to teach the child to sleep on his side. Most often, a child chokes on regurgitation while sleeping on his back. This position is considered the most unfavorable.


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