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The world is scared of a new strain of Covid called “Pirola”. Its incidence is growing extremely quickly. Experts dubbed it a hypermutant due to the fact that the virus has accumulated a large number of changes in its genotype. They say that vaccines are powerless against it, and complications such as heart attacks and strokes, even after recovery, can lead to fatal consequences. And someone is already scaring us with a new epidemic.

Is there any reason to be afraid? found out which of these horror stories is true and which is fiction.

Where did the Pirola strain come from?

Pirola was first identified in August in Europe and the USA. This is another subtype of Omicron, but with a large number of mutations – scientists counted up to 30. There is an assumption that the mutant evolved in the body of patients with immunodeficiency – HIV or undergoing chemotherapy.

Is it true that they get sick more seriously?

“There is some evidence that the Pirola virus is more contagious, but there is currently no evidence that it causes more severe disease. Therefore, talk about how everyone needs to put on masks again and open COVID-19 cases is meaningless. Let me remind you that early use of anticoagulants helps everyone and allows no one to be hospitalized. However, from my own practice, I can say that children actually began to get sick more severely,” he told Chairman of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists, Professor Pavel Vorobyov.

What are the symptoms?

All the symptoms of all covid are almost the same – fever, cough, headaches, sore throat. Plus, a slightly forgotten symptom has now been added, when those infected lose their sense of taste and smell.

Why does Pirola bypass immunity, including vaccine immunity?

The goal of a virus is not to kill a person, but to infect as many people as possible in order to spread. Therefore, with each mutation, the infectiousness can increase.

Experts report that vaccines, even adapted ones, from Pirola are ineffective.

“The Moderna booster in clinical trials on humans showed an 8.7-fold increase in antibodies to Pirola compared to antibodies in a person who had received standard vaccines quite a long time ago. This is very, very rare in the world of immunology!” — told biologist, professor at George Mason University Ancha Baranova.

According to the scientist, such an “update to Omicron” during vaccination can “knock out” all the other grandchildren of “Omicron” (it remains effective against them), so that competition for “Pirola” (and maybe for some other nasty thing) will decrease.

“Vaccines weren’t so effective before, so you shouldn’t rely on them now,” says Professor Vorobyov.

What complications are possible even after a mild course?

Of course, even a mild course can subsequently lead to complications – prolonged Covid (long-Covid), post-Covid cardiometabolic syndrome, when heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes mellitus develop, clearly associated with Covid. “Timely use of anticoagulants will relieve severe disease and complications, and to a large extent from the further development of Long Covid,” says the doctor.


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